The Best Friend

The Best FriendIt is quite incredible to receive unconditional love. If you have ever had a dog you know this is truly possible and when you are the recipient of this love, you realize you do have a best friend. If only people could live and love so unconditionally. We want to put all types of request and conditions in our relationships. I can love you if you….. I could love you if you…… Fill in the dots. The responses could go on and on. Learn from our best friends this week. Tell someone you love them just to love them, without anything in return. Is this not what it really means to sacrifice?

The Best Friend

Unconditional love.

That is what they give.

No questions ask—

They are there for you.


They are blends of many colors—

Brown, blacks, beige, whites, yellows, and greys.

Fur so soft no one could ever make it or duplicate it.

Eyes so deep that your soul is captivated.


A feel of velvet underneath your touch.

When in your lap they know only peace.

You can feel this from their steady heartbeat

And their rhythmic breathing.


They don’t care if you have make up on

Or if your hair is done.

Your face and pat is all they need.

They can sense your love.

Their ears perk to warn you of any changes.

Their voice awakens to protect you from harm.

They nudge you for a hug.

They sit and speak if they need something.


Cold noses from anything else would be warded away,

But this is so welcomed because it is a kiss.

Sloppy, wet kisses are just given

Without expectations or any returns.


Their whiskers tickle.

Their tails tap.

When you feel alone or lost or sad,

You can always count on them.


They are there to love you,

To kiss you,

And to make you smile.


Woman’s best friend is their furry friend.

Thank you puppy for choosing me.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Accept my love this week. I appreciate your love given by reading with me this week. I hope you experience sacrifice this week.





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