BeautyWhat better time to celebrate the beauty of women than this week which includes Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to women everywhere! Even though we seem to have educational campaigns trying to teach all of us how inner beauty is so important, we continue to fall for the false perception. Society wants to use the concept of beauty to harm women instead of using beauty to build women up. Labels and physical concepts are applied to women. Women—step up, speak out, and proclaim! We are beautiful! I am beautiful because my soul is beautiful, and no one will ever take that from me or make that seem less. I will celebrate because I have been made especially to be who I am—I am beauty!


We are the most beautiful,

When we are the most vulnerable.

When a pain has struck the chords of our heart

And we play a new song.

When we see ourselves as less,

Yet others see us as more.


Beauty is when we surrender to God.

When we forgive more than we remember.

When we love more than we hate.

Beauty is when we cry.

It is when we laugh.

It is when we sacrifice for those we love.


Beauty is usually described in this world as-

Certain sizes,

Certain looks,

Or as certain styles.

But beauty cannot be measured by a face or a body.


It should be measured by personalities,

By smiles,

By courage,

By bravery,

By insight,

By love,

And by the moment in a life.


It is the mother holding the child with gazes between each other.

It is the woman kneeling to pray.

It is the woman resting to enjoy the earth.

It is a woman solving a complicated problem.


It is the woman baking bread.

It is the woman waiting tables.

It is the woman working each day for her family.

It is the woman serving God each day through His design for her.


Beauty when used by humans can be so harmful.

Especially humans with shallow souls.

But when used by deep souled individuals,

Beauty becomes the exact ingredient used by God!


Beauty is not a picture in the mind.

Beauty is not skin deep.

Beauty goes to the bone.

Beauty is beyond the bone.


Beauty really lies within the soul.

Beauty is a vessel that filters light and love.


You are beautiful!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Thank you beautiful woman for reading with me this week (and handsome men also)!  I hope you have been encouraged this week to be more confident about your beautiful self. Let God’s light shine through!





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