Reed WalkerThere are just some places where you need to be still and know as the Psalmist says. Reed-Walker is a place like this. Such a place lets you go inside yourself and almost touch the Divine. Sacred is the very best way to describe it in human terms. And this is not a sanctimonious place by appearance-it is a place of deep, calm peace. As you are on this journey here on Earth, find your be still and know place. Go deep, understand all is fine, and you are cared for.


There it sits.

On a small knoll.

Sunshine rising in the east,

Setting in the west.


Purple flowers wave quietly across the knoll.

There is always a breeze.

Even on scorching days.

A breeze touches your cheek like a soft hand.

As if to say be still and know.


The few old trees that have seen one hundred years or more,

Stand swaying and strong.

A couple of stumps verify the weather and insects have caught up with them.

The cows around the knoll stop and ponder who you are.

And then they go right back to grazing.

Calm and enjoying each grass bite in the field surrounding Reed-Walker.

Only the fence separates them both.


Some markers say nothing and others tell a life story.

Some stones have seen the sun, ice, snow, and rain.

Others were just placed in their honorable locations.

Each carrying a timeless message demonstrating honor and respect.

Dates varying as much as the occupants themselves.


Lay me ‘neath the field of flowers here.

Put me at peace on this knoll.

Let my marker read,

A vessel on this Earth for her God,

A soul in eternity for her Lord.

Reed-Walker hold my body,

Release my soul,

And mark my existence on this Earth within this time.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Thank you so much for being with me. I hope you discover your be still and know place this week. Get there, soak it all in, and let the Divine heal and comfort you. God’s blessings on you this week.





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