Second Chances

Second ChancesFor some “humanly” reason we just don’t think we deserve them—second chances. It’s like we have not earned them or we have not behaved well enough to deserve them. But isn’t that what every day is all about? We rest and awaken to do it again. To make it better, to improve it, to love it more, to create more, to laugh more, to cry more, and just to live more! If you are getting second chances, there is a reason and a purpose. Fulfill your special purpose today and make every chance count. If God considers us so very special to have second chances, why can’t we let ourselves enjoy them!

 Second Chances

I was given a second chance yesterday.

I was given the opportunity to see clearly again.

Sometimes I am so blind to the mysteries set before me.

I really just do not stop and even look.


I give in to the times of the day.

And the pace of the clock.

Missing each precious view.

I was given more time yesterday .


I have been given a second chance today.

Another time to watch the sunrise and the moon set.

Even though I squandered my perspective,

I was able to enjoy coffee, family dinner, and dark chocolate.


I saw the moment of breath through my furry friends sleeping.

Even though I chose not to slow down.

Time stopped for me to see the last flower of summer and the first color of fall.

I could see all that had been laid before me.


I will be given a second chance tomorrow.

Even though I don’t understand,

I will be given grace.

I will be loved by someone.


Even though I may not love in return.

When I don’t help that other soul,

Some sweet soul will show me kindness.

I will see the hope because tomorrow means my days continue.


Even though my life seems mundane,

It will be more than extraordinary.

Because I have been given a second chance.

I have been given the blessing of another piece of time.


Not a do again.

Not another bat at the plate.

Not another serve.

Not a do over, another chance.


When my blood does not continue to flow,

And my breath of oxygen does not lift my chest,

And when my eyes have closed,

And my heart stops pumping,

And my soul transforms,

I will still have a second chance.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Do not let your second chance go by today without recognizing it. Make it worth all it can be! Thank you so much for reading with me today—thanks for giving me a second chance!






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