The Master’s Masters

Masters MastersWe are so blessed to have so many beautiful works of art. These pieces of art range from paintings to sculptures to plays and even to writings. The authors of these have put their messages, hearts, and creativity out there for us all to receive special blessings. Whether these artists realize it or not, God speaks to all of us through these gifts. And what is so amazing is that we all can receive a very different message! Just stop this week and enjoy a work of art. Stand back, mull it over, look at the details, and open your heart to the gift provided by this special soul and the message from the Divine. Your life will be enriched!

 The Master’s Masters

With every stroke,

Life and death are expressed.

Hard strokes, light strokes,

All along a line.


God’s stone shaped by man

With God’s direction.

Thoughts of living

Shown in every curve and edge.


The colors describe all that God has provided

From light to dark.

The secrets that man tries to hide from God

Come forth vibrantly and muted.


Each one speaks to each eye differently.

Although the Masters have passed from their bodies,

Their Master and spirits rein in chemicals, paper, and marble.

Who will hear His message next through these gifts?


Will it be the young teenager,

Will it be the small child,

Will it be the one passing that one special plane in time,

Or will it be the senior with wisdom?

The strokes and the colors will speak to all.

Up close we merely see line after line

And color bursting into color.

An array of blended design.


When we step one step away and then another,

The lines and the colors create the message we are meant to receive.

The Master will always lead us

Through His gifts provided to other Masters.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I am so grateful for you reading with me this week. Do look for opportunities to enjoy all art. To quote Stephen King, “Life isn’t a support-system for art. It’s the other way around.”* So let art be your support-system for life! And enjoy the blessings!



*Stephen King; On Writing A Memoir of the Craft. 2000 Scribner





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