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We all experience change. Actually we experience change continuously. Sometimes we experience it so much, we do not have time to stop, recover, reflect, and move on. This is why we have to remain so faithful in hope. This is not easy to do, but it is so necessary. See—we all have so much to give to this world, and if we cannot heal ourselves, it is difficult to give. Even though change is inevitable, take time to heal. You are the hope in this world for someone else, and if you are not there someone will be lost. Hold on to the hope in the change, and be the change!


You know sometimes it just hurts. It hurts so bad you can’t even describe it. Your heart and body feel like they are being pulled apart from the inside out. You know God is there, But the pain is still great. You want peace and calm so much, But the decisions bring chaos and turmoil.   You lose friends. You lose confidence. You lose yourself.   So many questions without answers. So many dominoes falling at once. You can’t see the glory. And you don’t understand how within seconds one’s life can change.   It is said over and over again that change is good— Change is good. Change is for a reason.   Is it the change that occurs once or twice within a life time, Or is it the change that occurs ten to twenty times? If it is good, how can it hurt so much? If it is so good, how can the despair dig into your heart?   How can emotions that seemed long ago Resurface at such a frightening rate. Fear permeates your body.   Somehow a hole opens and becomes larger and larger, Leaking your soul to the world. And when the hole seems like it can get no larger, The light finally begins to repair it.   The hole becomes smaller when all is given up. The shadow of sadness remains, But the brilliance consumes the shadow.   Growth comes. Growth hurts. Growth is the repair of the soul to live again. Then change begins again.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 You do not always know who you are here for in this world, so take care of yourself in the middle of change. Thank you for reading today in order to keep your hope alive! I am blessed you are there for me! Love, Rennae Journey  


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