The Goodbye Ceremony

 “How lucky I am to have something that

makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Winnie the Pooh

It is that time of year when we vacation, visit, and have family reunions with loved ones. The hellos and welcomes that come with these visits are so good for the heart. This is how I feel when my children and I visit. The anticipation and excitement of times together and moments of catching up are so joyful! But with the welcomes, also comes the goodbyes. These are the painful moments. It seems no matter how hard you try and how much your brain tells you they will be back and you will see them again, the tears rise to the surface, your throat swells, and your heart starts to ache. At these times we have to remember the hope of return. We have to remember the opportunity to love. We have to remember why these relationships are so important, and how blessed we are to have these relationships. So cry, wipe, cough, and cry again. Then turn your goodbye tears into smiles with hope until the next welcoming! And most importantly give thanks for these precious relationships!

 The Goodbye Ceremony

I know there has to be one.

Just like there has to be a hello.

Why do these times get harder as they grow older?

Why is it such a hard thing to do without such sadness?


You miss them so much.

It feels like you lose them each time.

It is silly.

You really don’t, but in your heart you do.


It’s just when they go out into the world again.

Their independence grows.

The one thing you always wanted for them-independence.

Becomes the one thing you so dread.


Deep in your heart it is only a short separation.

But shallow in your mind it seems forever.

You talk to them during that time.

But you yearn for their closeness.


They are amazing individuals.

Doing amazing things.

So they have to go out into the population.

But you still want to hold on to them.


I feel like a giant magnet pulling at me,

When they say goodbye.

It takes every bit of energy in my body to pull away.

Trying to keep them safely attached.


I feel like my heart and my brain,

And my blood and my muscles,

Will explode out of my body.

Then the final break is made.


I wave goodbye.

I say I love you.

And it is done.

The goodbye ceremony is over again.


And you have to stop and say,

I am so glad I have this ceremony,

Rather than not having any one to join me in this celebration.

Having no ceremony at all would be loneliness.

It is so worth having even though it is so hard.

A goodbye ceremony means

There is someone that you can love.

And someone loves you.

 Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 I hope we have given you hope for your summer visits with friends and families. Thank you for being with me this week. I am holding back tears and sending smiles until we visit again!





One thought on “The Goodbye Ceremony

  1. Susan says:

    Rennae – we have moved to Spencer, TN. Joshua came up to stay with me Sun – Wed this week. When he left to go back to Clarksville, I experienced exactly what you wrote about!

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