Lost Love

Lost Love

Have you ever been so alone that you felt no human anywhere even knew you were alive much less knew you needed to be loved or wanted to give love? I know we all, no matter the age, have been at this place during sometime in our lives. One of the greatest desires is to give and receive love. The word love is such an amazing word. It means so much more than the simple letters represented. So many of us have forgotten how to actually use the word. This is why we find ourselves in such places. I swore many moons ago that I would always tell my loved ones how much I loved them as we departed, because we never knew if the next time we saw them would be here on Earth or in heaven. So when my family came along we all adopted the phrase “I love you.” as we left each other. No matter where or when we are leaving each other we say this. For us this simple word means be safe, I am with you, be careful, you matter to me, and you are everything. There is a lot of power behind that simple word. So what does this have to do with us getting to this very low place of not feeling loved? We absolutely must not let ourselves get to this place, and if we do we must act immediately. Move yourself to reach out. Don’t be alone. Show someone else love. It can be from a small gesture to a huge gesture. The size does not matter as long as you give it away. When you give it away it will return many times back to fill your void. Talk to people, smile at people, gesture kindly to others, and give. You are not just giving to this person, you are giving love to yourself.


Lost Love

My joy seeps from beneath my skin leaving my body.

My existence is irrelevant to any soul.

Only to be a doer and provider.


At the times I so needed to provide love.

I was denied that opportunity.

I yearn for that love that was lost.


It is also about receiving love.

I yearn for the days when love was simple.

A small cry would bring closeness.

A hurt feeling could be soothed by a loving soul.


Now it is always too quick.

We must go.

There is no time.

Is this where we are?


In a world where love has lost its meaning.

My heart yearns for our return to love.

Time to love.

Making time for love.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Start loving someone this week. Just to love them. Not to expect anything back. Don’t let yourself fall into the sadness of losing love. It is time that we approach others with love instead of fear. You need to know I love you and yours!








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