Whitsy Brown

Whitsy Brown

Of course we are near Valentines Weekend, and you know love is always in the air! I just had to reflect this week upon the most amazing type of love above all. God set the example of unconditional love, and He continues today giving us these types of examples in our everyday lives. A very special girl named Belle taught me a great lesson of unconditional love. She was our family’s brown, deer-head Chihuahua. Actually she was our daughter’s until it was time for our daughter to explore the world and pursue her own purpose in life. Belle really bonded with my husband and I, and we really depended on her. She just gave to us everything she had without ever requiring us to do anything in return. This baby gave us her love up until the very end. She tried so hard to stay with us and continue loving us although she was in pain and suffering. The day God brought her into our lives was the day where He saw the long term purpose for Belle. How He would show us His love through her, unconditionally. If you have been blessed with a special pet do not waste another moment without telling them how you unconditionally love them. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” is one of God’s most amazing commandments, and He sent these wonderful creatures to teach us just that.

 Whitsy Brown

(Better known as Belle)

I yearn for you little one.

For your kisses.

For your hugs.

I yearn for your soft fur against my face.


You never required anything of me.

I relied on you for love and peace.

You ask nothing in return.

You just gave without needing anything.


You always listened to me.

Even when I would rant in anger, cry in pain, or laugh with joy.

When I was sick you laid beside me.

Hoping your breath would heal me.


When I needed to heal outside with the sun on my face.

You laid out with your belly warming from the brightness.

You followed wherever I went.

Just to be close.


Your happiness in the morning with your wagging tail

Gave me hope for the coming day.

And joy to get out of bed.

Your excitement made me realize God had something special for us.


When I came home every day your welcome always told me you are now safe.

You talked back with your eyes when there was no one to hear me or speak to me.

I have to say goodbye.

Although I don’t want to.


But you have served you master well.

I know it is now your time to find peace and rest.

Now the universe will know who you are and how you help to heal.

So I let go my friend.


Your unconditional love will live on forever.

God created you for such a magnificent purpose.

In order that your light will shine on so many more.

So go my friend and spread your love to others.

 Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Letting go is very difficult, especially when we have received unconditional love. Make sure this week someone will have trouble letting go of you because of such love. I thank you as always this week for your presence and love toward me. I know God will send love to you this week! Just don’t forget to love back!









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