And There Were Two

And There Were Two

Believe me Valentine’s Day may be over but loving is still alive and well! Have you ever been around two people that you just knew their relationship was special? They are tender to each other, yet they do not always take life so seriously. They complete each other’s sentences or one will ask the other one to finish a story for them. They have learned to grow together as they have learned to grow as individuals. Their encouragement to each other has caused each to move toward their own purposes. They are always there for each other although each does not have to be seen together all the time. One moment they bicker at each other and immediately turn around and lift each other the next. They know about agreeing to disagree! You just know that God was invited into their commitment early. And they have accepted their responsibility to God through that commitment. You know—it is never too late to re-invest in a commitment you have made. God is always open to blessing true intentions. So find that love of your life and love them like you never have before! Most of all protect that commitment above all else for God.

And There Were Two

God pulled these two souls from the stars,

And placed them with their families.

Their hearts, bodies, and souls grew from love, experience, and time.

One night they became friends.


God touched their hearts to yearn for each other.

Friendship led to spiritual love for who each other was and would become.

They smiled, laughed, cried, soothed, and healed each other through the hours.

Soon to know they were stars that had never really been apart—

Only separated a short time to give their families of themselves.


The two lights then joined,

Facing God and forming the future.

Providing a life lived for others and for God.

So now the light of the two stars shine upon so many to illuminate a spiritual love toward everyone.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Thank you for reading with me this week. I always want to provide you with love, truth, and inspiration. That is my commitment to you! My commitment to my “soul star” happened over forty years ago. Danny, my heart will always be yours and my commitment to you will stand throughout time. God’s commitment to you will bless you this week—be ready!!










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