I love the moments when my heart is so full it cannot hold itself in any longer!  All the thanks, blessings, and sighs come out showing God that I owe all to Him.  The tears roll and my hands reach out praising God for the power that I do not have.  Understanding the faith in this power greater than myself is why I am so blessed.  Worship is such an essential part of our lives and this process.  Worship is synonymous with celebration for me.  I especially know that when I create, I worship.  I am giving my all to say thank you.  We have to remember that our worship is not the same as other people’s worship.  That is another amazing thing about our relationship to God!  Our DNA creativity worships God in our own DNA way!  You may not always be in front of an altar.  You may be in your car at a stop light.  No matter which worship is your DNA’s cup of tea, this week include worship in your life.  Make some time where you can celebrate—-dance, sing, pray—just do it!  Don’t pull back but push forward in letting your celebration (worship) begin!


The rooster sounds.

The chickadees chirp.

The geese are vocal.

The bluebird sings melody.

The breath sighs in tune.

The stream praises with its trickle.

The tingle of chimes floats with the others.

Oh!  God!  We worship you!

For you are the Maker of all sound!


The voices ring, loud and clear.

Baritones, altos, sopranos, and more.

The soft voices of prayers climb to Your ear.

The pages of the Bibles turn in harmony.

The feet tap and the hands pat to the melody.

The soft steps of one’s shoe moves toward the alter to turn over all.

Lord!  You are the One and only! 

We sing praises to You for the time of worship!


She stirs and nourishes the roots of the pink blooming flower.

He tills the soil and drops the seed.

They use the color to paint Your images of glory.

They move the lenses to catch Your moments of heaven on Earth.

She kneads the dough in order to watch You turn elements into nourishment for others.

They give their hearts, their souls, and their minds showing others Your miracles.

Dear Lord!  We are Your tools to display Your glory!

We worship with our gifts!


He clamps the wires together and the circuit is complete.

She holds the hottest light to the metal as the design makes it shape.

He places the nails in the exact locations to build the structure that will protect.

He lays one pipe to another supplying the nutrient of life.

She instructs the younger ones in the value of the past and the hope for the future.

Oh!  Almighty One!

We worship you with our jobs!


We worship You by giving our all to You in everything!

Please accept our praise.

Our lives were created to worship you!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your time with me this week.  I only pray and hope that your worship is so very special to you.  Share with others how special their experience can be!







Seasonal Reflections

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Seasons for the Soul



  • What do you consider to be spiritual worship?


  • Where is your very best spot to spiritually connect?


  • Explain how your “worship” involves other people or reaches other people. If your personal spiritual worship does not include others, how do you use your worship to affect others?


  • Why do you feel a need to spiritually worship?





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