Shoulders of the Earth


At this time of year, I am amazed how exposed the earth seems to be.  It is as if we can see all the secret hiding places and all the special nooks and crooks holding treasures.  I can see how supported I am, and what really gives us all our solid footing.  I am allowed to understand what helps provide me clothing, food, and support.  I am given a glimpse of my spot on the earth itself.  You know our hearts and souls feel this way many times.  When our hearts open, we can feel our souls being exposed.  Our secret spots and vulnerability are visible revealing our true being.  Even though some might see this as weakness, this is really when we are strong.  We expose at the base of our soul, a deep seated faith and strength.  As our earth exposes itself during this season, we must also expose our heart to reveal to the world our true spirit.  To reveal to the world the love we are capable of giving.  I am thankful to the earth for teaching me this lesson!

Shoulders of the Earth

Your shoulders support the white cloth across them.

You hide this strength until the wind blows and brings change.

I wish I could see you so open through all the seasons.


The foundation of your base shapes my view and provides beauty to my eyes.

Your shoulders spread forth and provide a slope for the waters from the heavens.

You guide these elements to refresh us and to replenish us.


You nourish the green foliage that scatters beauty and at the same time gives so much to the creatures.

Your shoulders of strength slide all beneath us even when we cannot see them

You fold and fracture to produce the lines of contour that lead our way.


We walk, build, play, and work across your strength.

You feed us, clothe us, and protect us.

We honor your service in our lives.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Enjoy the earth’s exposure this week.  Remember to respect that and learn from it!  Explore your soul’s exposure this week!  Don’t be afraid and open your heart—you never know the possibilities God is providing!





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