My Mothers

My Mothers

I realize we are all born of one Mother.  I was just blessed that my true Mom, Em, saw fit for me to be surrounded with some of the strongest and most amazing women alive.  These women won’t be remembered by the masses, and they will not be recognized in the news.  They were and are what this beautiful world is made of—-Gifted women that rise above their stations in allowing God to use them in teaching others.  I can vividly recall their specific touch on my life.  My Mom was so wonderfully confident to allow me to know these women.  I hope you remember all your Mothers this week.  So whether it be an aunt, a grandmother, a sister, a cousin, or a family friend, I hope you remember the influence they have passed on to you.  I say thanks to each and every one of them!

My Mothers

Each so creative.

Each sharing their lives and their gifts with those they love.

Never knowing they were each mentors.

Never knowing how they guide and provide others with direction.

They molded minds and imprinted their gifts upon the young.


Her gentle, worn hands loosens the dirt as she places the seeds in the shallow opening.

Her touch alone brings the seed to life.

She would grow and gather these blessings showing me the love of God’s natural world.

She never knew she had the “real green thumb.”


She would hold my hand, gently caressing it.

Reading the lines of my heart.

Knowing what the future would hold for me.

She always gave me hope.


She would always be seen with many bracelets, earrings, and gloves.

Her head would be held high as if she was walking the runway.

She would pronounce to all that everyone can walk in life like they just stepped off 5th avenue.

She showed me it is ok to be eccentric and own it!


Her small hand would caress my cheek and my fears were always calmed.

She would let me get away with eating the crust off the cornbread.

She did not have to speak, only touch and I knew I was protected.

I was always safe to take risk with her.


She would prepare the food with perfection.

Her table would be overrun with delicacies.

But as the chairs were gathered around the table,

It was the conversation she allowed to be shared above the food that was the richest.


Her expressions and tones made all stories the most exciting.

She would teach us that all people are story tellers.

The dullest visit to the supermarket was turned into an adventure.

She gave me dreams of lands far away.


Her giggle and laugh would turn the worst situation into fun.

She spread sunshine through smiles.

She took me in as her daughter.

She carried me along on her fun runs.


She really danced to her own dreams,

As if no one was watching.

I would watch her float across the floor like she was dancing with the angels.

She taught me that music could lift you to heaven.


Her fingers would glide along the keys bringing the written notes to life.

But her bravery when she lost her youngest taught me to go on and be strong.

She showed me how to use your gifts through the tough time.

She also showed me how to love God during all the times.


She gave me the love of the arts and museums.

I was free to touch and take in all the beauty of her sculptures, paintings, and creative pieces.

In her home I was allowed to learn about the arts in joy and love.

She taught me that anyone can enjoy God’s creative riches, no matter your position in life.


She could make all the aromas of the green herbs spring forth.

I learned to not only look at the plants,

But I learned that touching and smelling them was just as important.

I learned to smell the love of God through her blessings.


All of these are my Mothers.

Loving me in their very own way.

Guiding me with their gifts.

Holding my heart in their hands and caressing my soul.

And everyone becoming a real part of me.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for reading with me this week!  Thanks to God for my children!  My children thank you for choosing me as your Mom.  I have been so blessed!  Remember you are the Mother or a Father to many people, so use your gifts in order that others can also pass the torch in being strong, brave individuals  Especially brave in being who they really are!









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