What Dream Will It Be Today?

What Dream Will It Be Today

We start dreaming at a very young age.  We dream of being heroes, wonderful lives, and magical adventures.  We even act these out through play and make believe.  As we mature, we often keep our dreams to ourselves.  In our minds, our dreams take us through many adventures and down many paths.  As we age, we continue to dream, however it seems the dreams come less often.  As the responsibilities of life increase, sometimes those dreams are still with us, but they are put on the back burner.  We have to make a conscious effort to never let those dreams die or go away.  We must nurture and believe.  You see our dreams are our gifts and purpose in this life.  Our minds would not even consider them if they were not the real passions that we possess.  So never give those dreams up.  Revisit them, seek them, and pursue them.  Let you mind go wild and dream those dreams no matter your age!!

What Dream Will It Be Today?

Will I travel the ocean to explore an unknown land?

If I can dream it,

It can be.


Maybe I will discover it today.

I will research and explore til I find it.

It will help cure someone in the future.


I will create it in such a way that others can understand.

The creation will soothe souls and caress a heart ache.

Because the creation will be from the spirit.


I will be a writer of verse today.

Somewhere inside I will pull the emotion and feelings to put down original words.

These words will meet the needs of others.


Today I will heal with a smile or a kind word.

I will be allowed to go out into the masses and bring hope to a lost soul.

I can be a savior for one day.


The defense I present will protect another today.

They will not be harmed because I will be their protector.

I will stand for the wronged and present the truth.


The seed will be planted.

I will assist it in coming to life.

Gardening will be my dream.


Teaching those who need education can be my today.

The knowledge I have gathered will be shared,

So others can understand and be wise.


My ears will listen today.

They will hear the woes and joys of others.

I can be a counselor for them today.


If I think it,

I can dream it.

If I dare to dream.


If I can dream it,

I can make it happen.

If only I chose to dream.


And if I make it happen,

This world can be a better place by dreaming.

I have a feeling that Jesus dreamed.


What will you dream today?

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for visiting with me this week.  You have helped one of my dreams come true!  One of the best way to accomplish our dreams is through community, and you have been my community.  You have read and listened to my inner and outer thoughts.  You have encouraged me to keep dreaming!  May your dreams come true this week!








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