The Educated Masses

The Educated Masses

My sweet man, Danny, completes a 40 year career this week of sharing wisdom with others.  For way over 60% of his life he has willingly gone each day and shared his love of this country with people.  He has taught them how wonderful this country is even with its birth, growing pains, defeats, and victories.  He has carried the masses to Shiloh, introduced them to Theodore Roosevelt, planned out war strategies at Bunker Hill, shared stories of the 9/11 victims, and showed them how America’s pop culture like Forest Gump can really be historical.  He has touched so many people.  And most of the time the importance of this affect has not been felt until these young people were grown men and women.  I am certainly glad that my man chose to educate the masses, because in doing so he has positively influenced so many.  So–congratulations my Babe on a job well done!  Focus now on your life and family, and don’t expect me to watch those World War I and II black and white videos with you!!

The Educated Masses

Never would I leave you.

I could never abandon you.

Especially at such a bridging point in your life.

I am so proud of all your accomplishments.


You work so hard.

Even though it appears we laugh and constantly have fun,

You know the seriousness of the situation.

And when it is time to excel, you do so.


I need you to know I cherish our learning together.

I cherish our talks around working.

Our moments where we needed to cry and laugh.

The moments we celebrated and grew.


Thank you for singing with me.

Thank you for acting silly with me.

Thank you for dancing with me.

You trusted me when I said we could learn better that way.


I did what I did for you.

For you be successful.

For you to understand your growth.

For you to move strongly into your next life phase.


Your determination will carry me.

Your concern and love will ignite my days.

I know our lives at this moment and at this time is for a reason, an important reason.

That reason may not show today, but it will someday.


The only regret I have,

Is this action causing our separation.

I will never regret being patient for you to learn.

I will never regret letting each of you learn in your own time and in your own way.


I am so sad to go.

And to go on this date was not a bad joke.

Time just fell in this space.

Know that I will cry for our lost time.


But know I will smile,

Because I know the greatness you will bring to the world.

Your greatness will come from not just going to school,

But from the time we really lived through the learning.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I wrote this piece from the reflection I experienced 4 years ago when I was changing my life course and retired from teaching.  I did not want to leave my students, but life was offering me new experiences and adventures!  There are teachers that are storytellers, performers, thinkers, and doers, but no matter the type, they go in each day expecting to give their very best in order to serve others.  And actually, we all serve as teachers in our lives to someone.  So send out a special thanks to all the teacher that are making the great effort day to day in strengthening and creating learning paths for our children.  I say a heart-felt thanks to all of my teachers and the teachers of my children.  Blessings be on you and your families!

Thanks to each one of you this week for reading with me.  I hope you reach out and share your teaching ability with someone this week!  Watch for the opportunity!  God bless you!








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