Plight of the Judges

Plight of the Judges

If you are a woman, the swimsuit season can send dread through your spirit.  From the hunt for the right one to the first trip out in the new suit.  Many of us fill up with dread.  We love the water and the wonderful sun season, but the emphasis on size and shape can just be too much for our psyche and soul.  We self-judge and compare ourselves to the images presented in the media that are just unrealistic for most.  And even though, the piece today may veer toward more weight, many women who cannot keep weight on, also go through the same torment.  Environment and circumstances can be responsible for the various weights that we have, but we also must recognize genetics play a key role in determining how we look, metabolism, and body composition.  A high degree of genetics is based also on heritage—what our families went through to survive.  The truth is we should throw all negative views out.  If we do not judge others, we should not judge ourselves.  We need to accept ourselves, and chose the colors and the flair of the suit that speaks to our inner personalities and spirits.  We should step out, head up, shoulders back, and smiles lit showing who we really are!  So—pull, tug, and strap those suits own!  Grab those towels and flip flops and suit up!!!!  It is our time to shine!!

Plight of the Judges

Pious, little bony asses.

Never understanding the shame of size.

Rib bones protruding between the two pieces of cloth.

While it takes yards of cloth to cover ridges, bumps, and bulges.


Noses reaching up to the sky leaving their nostrils to be seen by the defeated.

The defeated slump their shoulders slightly,

Knowing these bitches ridicule and laugh at them.

The defeated seek to cover more.


Does size matter?

Hell yeah!

It matters!

A visual, groping society that seeks temporary satisfaction tells us it matters.


Society judges.

People judge.

These thin haughty whores judge.

They judge those that don’t appear in physical form as they do.


They place characteristics on those of us that don’t fall into their “sizes”.

They question why do you let yourself be that way?

How can you be so fat and ugly?

You do know no one wants you.


If they were ask why they torment others this way,

They would deny that they do.

The judges would lie against their fathers and their mothers.

They live in lies.


As long as they “look” like their own standards.

So all they know are lies.

It does not seem to matter that the defeated are loving, caring, brilliant, funny, and good.

All the sick society and bitches can see is size.


Piles of bones eaten by the lies of self-interest.

The bony bitches and suffocating society will die in their own lies.

Their desires of outer focus will bury their misery,

But misery will consume their forms.


When the picture is developed and the images are clear,

The defeated will rise to decide the fate of the judges.

The defeated will reign with their creative minds in the mist of glory.

Their inner lights will over shadow the outer shapes and sizes.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray this week that you will accept yourself and enjoy being who you are.  You were made for a specific purpose just how you are.  Enjoy every season, even swimsuit season, by enjoying yourself!  Thank you so much for sharing your time with me and reading this week.








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