Spots In The Grass

Spots In The Grass

About this time of year, we start spying little brown fawns with delicate white spots in our grasses.  We watch during May and June to see if moms will appear that are ready to give birth.  They will ramble all around the property, and then they will jump the fenced three acres portion.  For some reason, they seem to feel safe in this area and have chosen to return every year for about five years to our land to deliver their precious babies.  Are you like the deer and find yourself retreating to your safe zone?  If the answer is yes, then know that a safe zone is good to have!  We must retreat in life to live more fully.  So, don’t deprive yourself of a retreat to the safe zone.  God intends for us to rest as well as to play and work!  Find your safe zone this week and relax!

Spots in the Grass

As the light brown tail gently swags,

Her tiny ears and spots emerge.

Mom urges her to follow.

She stays close.

Then suddenly a second set of ear tips barely rise above the grain.

More spots gently move across the scape.


Not one, but two!


Off they go toward the creek to play, to learn, and to grow.

The trees change to many colors.

The winter falls upon the land.

The greens of spring and summer pop up around us once more.

As the grain starts to reach the sky,

The body is back but the spots have disappeared.

This time she is closer.

More in the safer places near the house.

Protected by fencing, tree lines, and bushes.


Her spots are now a pure, smooth brown.

Her tail is fluffy and white as cotton.

Then suddenly behind her follows another small one.

They emerge from behind the ironweed and the goldenrod.

For days they come out to show their beauty with us.

Then one day only the baby is there.


The baby lies in the tall grass.

She wanders through the shrubs, nibbling the leaves.

The sweet animal makes herself paths through the grasses.

The big brown dog leads her through the field.

The soft baby eats the blackberries.

She gets stronger on her legs,

And stronger in her heart.


The beautiful body comes closer to us.

We want so much to intervene.

Our urge is to friend her, feed her, and pet her,

But we keep our distance.

We know she must learn to be on her own.

Mom comes to visit at dusk and dawn.

She brings the other adults, bucks and does, with her.

They wait and watch the baby.

Then they quietly go back into the shadow of the trees.


Days pass and the grass changes color again.

Weeks pass and the trees turn red, orange, and yellow again.

Mom now jumps the gate and joins the healthy baby.

The herd watches patiently.

Mom nudges the baby and they seem to float across the gate joining the herd.

The herd quietly and slowly retreats through the field and into the trees.


The trees protect them all for the coming winter.

The little one moves slowly glancing back.

Wanting to stay, but wanting to leave.

Our wish is that the mature ones will be brave

And our brown spots in the grass will learn to be brave.

Hopefully our spots will feel safe to share life with us again and in other ways.

We can envision another season will led them back to visit and share with us once more.

These quiet yet strong beings will teach us trust.

They will teach us responsibility.

The spots in the grass will give us hope.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for sharing your time and attention this week.  I am always honored for you joining me.  May you be blessed this week to find and enjoy your safe zone!  May love and relaxing find your way!










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