I Believe

I Believe

We so easily put our trust into many things every day that we just cannot see.  We assume so much about simple things produced through science and technology that we question very little of what is thrown at us.  Yet when it comes to the “big things”, we hesitate to place our faith where we truly believe.  I love the fact that I don’t have to see everything to believe.  Maybe it’s the renegade in me or the dreamer, but I can live not having to see everything.  I hope this week you can accept more on faith.  And I pray that you can stand strong in your belief without having to see!  Use your other senses, especially your heart, to strengthen your trust and faith in the unknown!

I Believe

Clouds moving.

Trees moving by unseen wind.

Chimes bringing sound to our ears.

How we see but we don’t.


We trust the storm will be pushed on by the wind.

The clouds and the rain are carried on the spine of the wind.

We have faith that the wind will slow to a breeze after the storm.

The rain and winds dissipate.


The water flows forth from an unknown source.

It carries pebbles to spots where creatures can live.

Creatures serve the fish who are propelled by the water and serve as food.

We believe but don’t see the source.


The tree line and the hills are covered with all types of growth.

Every tree we can imagine shoots to the sky.

We see the towering foliage, but we don’t see where it stands.

And we still believe.


The silky, smooth texture taste so good as I slowly drink or eat.

I know it just makes my cookie and yogurt so rich and delicious.

Yet I believe it will taste that way.

And I don’t see where it came from.


The hug gives me warmth and smiles inside.

I know who gives the hug.

But I don’t know how it could make me feel loved.

However, I believe it does.


I don’t see,

But I know.

It is invisible,

But I believe.


You are not visible,

Yet I believe.

Is it not enough that I believe?

I believe it is.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I appreciate you reading with me this week.  My life is so blessed by your hearts joining me to challenge and discuss tough subjects.  Thank you!  Know your belief and stand strong by exercising your faith!








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