Injury to the Soul

Injury to the Soul

Hurt.  A simple word that causes such damage.  A feeling that can crush a person deep into their psyche and soul.  I do not quite understood people that thrive on hurting others, but there are such people.  They seek power, fame, money, or some other earthly want, and they will hurt anyone to get that.  More times than not, I have also found that karma hits this type of person very hard when the least expected.  Life is very hard sometimes, because we all have experienced these hurtful people.  However, what I have found is that people with love, compassion, and care polarize these vindictive people.  When you find yourself in this spot, there are those standing hand in hand with you healing you with their auras.  Hurt will happen.  It may be superficial or it may dig deep, but it cannot destroy you because you are held together with the band of the Holy!

Injury to the Soul

I hurt so badly.

It doesn’t just hurt physically,

But I hurt in my heart,

In my soul, and in my spirit.


I do not want to hurt.

I want joy and smiles and happiness.

But just when I feel I am past things,

Someone, something, or the smallest detail takes me back to the experience.


How can the world and the people of the world be so cruel?

How can they be so interested in only themselves?

How can they carve themselves into the very special parts of your inner soul?

How can they soak your mind with their hurt?


We are good at describing love and joy,

But describing hurt is so difficult.

You feel the pain in every vein,

Every muscle, and every cell.

You do not know whether to explode with tears

Or implode with shaking.


You feel like every step is a deep, deep struggle.

When the pressure seems to be at the breaking point,

God sends that one thing.

That one small thing—a smile,

A soft spoken word,

Or a note from a caring person.


A simple, kindness can warm that hurt.

You start realizing cruelty can be overcome.

These hurters are fewer in number than you thought.

Joy can be brought back by others!


This one special act starts relieving the pressure.

You can feel the relief.

You can feel the peace returning.

The Holy Spirit in others conquers your pain.


God delivers you.

His sons and daughters request you live.

They demand that you live a full life with them.

They take you and lead you to the healing.

Hand in hand they stand with you in the realm of grace.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

When hurt comes your way, pray for that poor soul that has administered the hurt.  You have all of what they need—love, care, and peace.  This is easier said then done, but this is growing in God!  They will never know the healing power provided by the sons and daughters of the Holy One!  But you will!  Peace be with you through your journeys of hurt this week.












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