Dark Dreams

Dark Dreams

Imagine the dark as dark could be.  Absence of all light.  You are there in the pitch black.  Most of the time we become afraid in the dark, but for some reason you are not scared this time.  Matter of fact you feel safe and secure, and even warm.  The black becomes a protective space.  It is here in this dark, protective space that I can be with God.  The dark represents no distractions.  It represents no calls, no texts, no errands, no task for someone else, no news, no tv—just nothing!  All of these and more can take me away from my focus.  I can talk, and I can listen here.  I have my own individual audience with God.  We so many times think that prayers have to be formal, or said out loud, or staged, but actually prayers are between you and God.  So the next time you may experience the dark, embrace it and use it as a nurturing time for God to lead you on toward the light!

Dark Dreams

I go into the dark of the night.

Where all I can hear are the trees breathing.

I go where only I can hear the things I think inside.

Where the silence is welcomed and the dark soaks in.


It is here that I not only talk but also listen.

I listen to hear God speak.

I talk about my secrets.

Even though He knows them.


It is in this pitch that I can rest.

I can rest and breath deeply from the many distractions.

I know the ground is cold and the air is clear.

Because of the absence of sound from the outside.


I go into the dark to say thank you and dream.

Dreams of weaknesses, fears, loves, and hopes.

Moments of revelation and peace.

Thoughts that make these dreams happen in the dark.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Dreams do not always have to be rainbows and unicorns.  Your dark dreams can be secure, warm, and hopeful, if you are willing to have the conversations with God.  Diving into the dark allows you to grow in prayer.  Find your comfort spot and relax into the depths of your dark dreams this week!








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