Visions of All Hallows’ Eve

Visions of all hallows eve

I love Halloween!!!  Maybe it is from my ancestors in Ireland prancing around with gourds on this night, or maybe it was from Ms. Billy Rickman’s 1st grade class where we were encouraged to be creative with a picture to go along with the Halloween poem we were learning.  No matter,  I just love it!  I have always been drawn to the fun and mystery!  In recent years, some people have felt children should not be exposed to such a holiday.  They fear evil steps in and departs concepts upon people.  I just disagree.  My family has always approached the holiday as one of fun and exploring!  It is a night you can make believe again (which we really are not allowed to do anymore)!  You can be an astronaut, a princess, or even a 3-eyed monster—you can imagine!  And imagination leads to creativity.

You know we all can turn any holiday into one created by evil.  We can set any agenda so the truth is hidden.  Halloween was a holiday created for imagination and joy, and specifically for children.  It is one that allows us to give to children.  Encouraging them to ask for help—asking for candy—Or to give help by handing out candy.  For some people asking is a very difficult thing, but this lets children practice in a safe way.  This holiday gives people a freedom to relax and enjoy family.  Things like a good old campfire (ours was sometimes in a wheelbarrow!), a good spooky movie (Ernest’s Halloween or Halloween Town), a good scary read (The Headless Horseman or a classic, Frankenstein!), a good snacky dinner (with weeny worms and fingernails) and of course the sharing of candy!  Enjoy the writing today as I reminisce about Halloween and let it lead you to be creative at this time of year!

Visions of All Hallows’ Eve

Dances with the devil in the night.

Eeks and shrieks are heard in the distance.

Witches and wizards tossing their capes and pointing their wands.

All make this night frightening!


The stark white image eliminates the dark and sends a chill up your spine.

All the pumpkins sit on their perches glow with their sinister smiles.

Their eyes come at you and follow you as you go!

Leaves swirl and twirl around them with tailspins making you run for cover.


Monsters unveil themselves as they scavage through their loot.

It all appears like a scene from a horror movie.

Making one shiver and quiver from spine to brain.

Covering your eyes only makes them more real.


And you realize the moon is so bright all these characters are spooky with the light exposing their evil features!

The giggles and large laughs can be heard as a batch of pirates and princesses scoot by.

Frankenstein and the Mummy wake to wreak havoc.

Cats dart across the street hiding from the chaos.


Everything is out of order.

Everything is out of control.

Is this a night of fear or a night of horror?

Am I dreaming or am I here?


My mind is cloudy and confused.

My eyes are heavy, but I open them slowly.

Ouch!!!  The book I was holding falls on my nose.

Oh, did I fall asleep?


The light I was reading by flickers.

Through my cracked window,

The wind makes a howling sound.

High pitch laughs float in.


I glance over at the jack-o-lantern on the table by the chair.

I had it lite to read by.

Is that fire flashing from its eyes??!!!

Oh!  My!  I am out of here!!!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

All of the things I discussed in my intro may have sounded “excusy” reasons for Halloween celebrations, but try to let go a little.  Everyone lately has been so tense and fearful of events going on in our country.  Try to use your creativity to let your family enjoy a good ‘ole All Hallows Eve!  Boo blessings to everyone!



PS——Don’t dress up as a politician this year–Keep it at the polls!!





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