Settling Down

Settling Down

It is the time of year that we start moving activities indoors.  Especially if you are in Tennessee this morning.  A front moved through with rain and coolness.  It seems nature was saying the outdoor times are over.  The warm, long days of summer have shortened, and the cool, crisp dark creeps upon us faster.  There is not a more perfect time than now to settle, relax, and reflect.  The physical comforts at this time of year that you grab up and hold onto allow you to get comfortable.  You can settle into who you really are!

The settling allows time to remind us of reflections that we have for ourselves.  These reflections may be where you have come from in your life and also where you plan to go.  Settling will also let you hear what God has to say to you.  Your mind can settle and be more focused.  So as you read this week, grab your comfys, coffee, and pen with pad.  You never know what might settle out of you!  And you don’t want to forget!

Settling Down

I sit the warm coffee cup against my cool chest.

Its warmth permeates my cool body.

Yes! It is Fall!

When the world starts settling.


The leaves fall slowly.

And the Earth starts cooling.

The breeze turns from warm to cool,

And it wisp around in smooth swirls.


As I pull my big, leaf comfy across my shoulders,

I think about us moving inside.

I feel the cooling air refreshing and at the same time calming.

It is saying move inward.


I hear the acorns drop slowly one by one.

The squirrels make little scampers as they head after the acorns,

Before the acorns hit the ground.

When the trees drop their acorns,

They are getting ready for their last show.


Here in the middle of this cool air.

The grandest color show on Earth begins!

Bright orange, ruby red, and glowing yellow!

Just a few of the colors that settle within the leaves.

And each slowly releases its grip on the limb to drop and settle on the ground.


As we settle beneath the stars,

They are their brightest this time of year!

They settle into their alignments.

To project the most amazing characters.


And for some reason the fall breads just make our settling delightful!

The tastes and aromas with some warm coffee, tea, or cider.

Settle us into a cozy dinner dessert.

And the aromas give the house a way of bringing in the time of the year.


Now as I settle into the bed with a warm quilt or blanket,

I can tuck in warm and satisfied.

The air shifts into the house subtly,

And I will always know this settling is provided by God!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray for you this week that you can make time to enjoy what this season has to offer—settling and comfort.  Life is way too busy, but it is imperative that we find time.  There is so much to enjoy from the natural earth, don’t be too busy that you miss all the offerings!  Now—just settle down!  Blessings in your comfort!












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