The Portrait Within the Window

The Portrait in the Window

Do you have that favorite spot that you go sometimes, so that you can just “be”?  You may find yourself there for a few minutes or even a few hours, just stopping your world for a short time.  We all need this safe spot.  It may be an art piece, a view, or even a watching spot.  It doesn’t matter, what matters is that the spot allows us to step back for a brief moment in this busy world to see things clearly.  We find answers or encouragement not just visiting this place once, but many times throughout the year.  Notice where your spot is in your busy schedule.  It is probably right in front of you and you have just not paid attention.  Stop and don’t miss the view!  You may see something unexpectantly!

The Portrait Within the Window

Its lines are straight and defined.

They are crisp and clean.

Yet the lines themselves display shapes of all kinds.

Shapes and characters that move and act inside the lines.


I find many colors.

Greens of all shades.

Then bright oranges, golds, and reds.

After a while the lines hold nothing but a blue sky.


I see many things that move.

The wind is visible because it tosses the tree limbs and leaves.

The squirrels hop limb to limb or tree to tree.

Birds of all types dart in and out.


The portrait also displays what is not really seen.

The absence of leaves exposes the beautiful colors of the bark.

The bumps and holes show us the hiding spots of the many insects and animals.

The space between the lines allow me to see the light and the dark.


Time is held within the lines.

I can see day moving to day.

A month moving to another month.

And a year moving to another year.


The glorious portrait gives me such views!

The shooting stars as they reach the Earth.

The moon as it makes faces at me.

The lightening bugs as they dance in the dark.


This portrait paints the days for me.

It tells me how my life has changed.

It cast a spell on my soul to watch and look for the changes.

For I will always remember the pictures the window has provided.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Pay attention this week to what spot draws you for time.  Find the time and be selfish for just a moment.  It may seem selfish, but if you allow the time your selfishness will turn into selflessness quicker!  Because you can be a better you!  Enjoy your “be spot” or “view spot” this week!  May God show you unimaginable visions!









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