The Thankful Heart

The Thankful Heart

This is the time in our world and our country that we just need to pause for one moment and count our thanks.  We are so very twisted up in whose wrong, whose right, why don’t they change, we disagree, I disagree, she said, he said, I’m right, they are wrong, and on and on.  There just needs to be a halt!  All people every where especially in our country need to put the brakes on all the “mouthy” talk.  Instead of complaining about everything, we need to just stop and give thanks.  Whether you are Buddhist, Islam, Christian, Jewish, or any other religion, faith, or belief, we all have one thing in common.  Our choice of belief requires us to be thankful.  We are required by our beliefs to display thankfulness.  If we will be voicing these thanks instead of rhetoric, hate, complaints, or other negative emotions, we can change the atmospheres and environments around us.  This takes all of us, not just one or two.  My piece today is very simplistic, but it conveys my thanks.  So stop today!  Don’t feed into the negative—-feed the positive!  Try this week voicing somewhere or somehow your thanks!

The Thankful Heart

I am thankful for the warm water on my face.

Thankful for the porcelain coffee cup to drink from.

Thankful for the person letting me go first at the stop sign.

Thankful for my Starbucks friends that always bring me joy.


Thankful for a safe place to work.

I am thankful for food on my table.

Thankful for clothes that warm and cool me.

Thankful for heat in the winter and cooling in the summer.


I am thankful for the companionship of my furry friends.

I am thankful for a building to live in that I can call home.

I am thankful for the man that chooses to love me.

And thankful for the parents that believed in me.

I am thankful for my family to love me.


I am thankful that the Divine anointed my head to be His.

I am thankful for His servants that give me comfort in their words.

I am thankful for the signs He sends me.

I am thankful for His unconditional love.

I am thankful for His intervention in my life.


I am thankful for the soft coverlet that tucks under my chin and gives me comfort.

I am thankful for the person that bakes my bread.

I am thankful for the server at the restaurants that cares enough to get to know me.

I am thankful for my comfy houseshoes.


I am thankful for the light and warmth from the sun.

Thankful for the dark so I can see the stars.

Thankful how my eyes meet those of a deer,

And we know where each stands in this world.


I am thankful for healing.

I am thankful for pain in order to grow.

I am thankful for thanks!

I am thankful that my thanks will never be done!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray for you and your family this week that you can find thanks in your lives.  Even though there are all types of negatives in this world, we can be thankful.  It will not only improve your attitude, but it will also relieve stress!  I feel now days we way to often get rushed and pushed through the day.  We become tired and try to just get through the day.  Then our emotions are played upon by various means.  Instead take that last little bit of energy you have and don’t listen to the negatives, but speak your thankfulness.  So, make it right this week by expending your energy on being thankful!



PS  I am thankful for you!!!





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