Yes!! It has finally arrived!  Thanksgiving!  A day of food feast, football, and family fables!  Our family loves to start our day with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We always feel the expectations for the end of the parade and the last scene with Santa arriving in his gigantic sleigh kicks off the amazing Christmas season.  We try to have the naked tree up and ornaments start going on.  Then there is football on every channel!  What a better way, to gather the troops than a good ‘ole football match—talking smack and all!  Discussion of each play provides the most elaborate debates.

While all of this is happening, the scents from the kitchen fill the house.  Preparation of the dressed eggs, the turkey (or ham), cornbread dressing, and giblet gravy has begun!  As the day progresses, everyone arrives and the feast is laid out.  The young ones serve the elders, the children get their plates first.  And when every ones plate is filled, the thanks around the table begin.  Of course, the family fables start to be told.  Do you remember, or I remember at Mama Hicks, or Em just yelled that out, are just a few of the comments that begin the fables.  One story leads to another.

After our tummies are full, we lean back and let our hearts be filled as well.  Clean up begins, and we all then settle out the evening in a comfy chair, couch, or floor with a big comforter and talk about how rich we really are.  Family, memories, love, servitude, grace, healing, and the list goes on of the many riches.  Today’s piece is one of those little acrostics, but each word and phrase is precious.  See each word and how it fits into your life today.


                          Traditions with family.

                          Home where you are.

                          Autumn colors.

          CelebratioN with loved ones.

                   ThanKs for everything.

                           Scents of the Harvest.

                           Grace is free.

               InspiratIon to move forward.

                     SerVing others,

                   CookIng the meal together.

                   ShariNg with those who have less or more.

                           God’s blessings.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

We all know life is difficult, and we cannot have the fantasy family Thanksgiving Day every day.  But we can share a moment or meal with a spouse, parents, child, or friend.  We can be responsible for ourselves in providing a thankful heart for someone else.  We can be their blessing any day.  Like on black Friday, when tensions and expectations are overly high, go out and bless someone else, so that they can be thankful too!  So really look for and see your blessed world today and be thankful!  Happy Turkey Day!

Love, Rennae






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