Passing Moments

passing moments

Being different is a very difficult thing to contend with.  Most of us have a decision to make at some time in our lives to be different, to be our authentic self, or conform to societal frames and boundaries for the socialized norm.  When we express our uniqueness, it can be frightening to many people.  This is not a discussion on mental illnesses, and how a mental illness may harm oneself or others by being medically different.  I am addressing not hiding who you really are.

As wisdom and age arises, most people can better understand and celebrate the many differences that we may have.  But as young individuals, it is a difficult job to stay yourself and be accepted.  Others will give unwise advice to others when they notice differences.  This is not what you need.  Many people like to make it their life’s mission to try and change others.  This is not celebrating and spreading love for all of us to express our differences.  If you need changes to happen in your life, you need to be spiritually guided, which allows you to dive in and discover the depths of your soul and heart.  Being your own original self as the final goal.  This includes all the experiences you have gone through, not what someone else has gone through.  However, this process is not a one-time, I got it done, process.  It can be an ongoing discovery!  Often in this world we are told what we are not, rather than who we really are.

The very best way one can be accepted is to accept oneself.  Speak who you are and be proud!  We were given these amazing spiritual vessels to live in for a reason.  Your reason is as varied as mine.  In this life with every passing moment, we do not need to hold back.  Be who you were meant to be with all of your differences.  Don’t waste your energy on those that cannot live freely with who you are.  Be yourself in every passing moment!

Passing Moments

Oh—Dear Lord—Let me forget.

Let the moments that I know not be true

Hide them—please Dear Lord.

Hide them in my heart because I am different.


Please, God let the words disappear from my mind in these passing moments.

For I know they are not true. 

I pray the words of the love, the thank you, and the praise are what remain in my soul.

Not the words of deception, hurt, or blame.


We all do many things differently.

We all write and speak and live differently.

We all come to You in different ways.

We full fill our purpose differently.


As for me, I come to you so that I can be Your vessel no matter what is said.

You have prepared me.

You continue to develop me.

Let those moments mold me in Your image.


Let my image sing and speak with those that are different.

Write and worship with those that are different.

Live, love, and learn with those that are different.

Because I am one that is different.


I am your vessel.

One that you will fill and use in all its different ways.

A different type of vessel.

And my difference will be celebrated because of you.


For every day is a new day, in these passing moments

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Celebrate how you are different this week! Think about and list your unique characteristics.  Look at your polished areas and those that could use a little more polishing.  There is a reason God made each specific DNA strand differently.  So, I can be me, you can be you, and others can be themselves!  Jealousy has no place in all of this—no one can be jealous or envious if we are all to be different.  Celebrate our differences this week with respect and love!  Be a spiritual vessel—a piece of pottery made like no other!!








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