In The Lonely Place

in the lonely place

This season can be a time of loneliness.  All the excitement from the holidays has disappeared.  Family and friends are back to normal routines.  We are all back in normal routines.  The dreary weather and dark skies may make us believe there is no one there for us.  This can even happen whether one is in the middle of a million people or in the presence of only one person.  And it can happen right in the middle of our normal routines.  The more the atmosphere darkens, we seep deeper into ourselves.  Not always in a good way.  We can retreat into our own dark thoughts and downward spirals.  The piece today speaks to a time when I felt deeply alone.  I did have people to reach out to me, but I was not reaching back.  When we recognize this downward spiral to loneliness, we must put our foot down and say stop!  Stop!!  Reach back!  So, as this weather, atmosphere, and environments starts pulling us down, we have to resist.  Resist and reach for the light!  There is a hand or voice waiting to grab you!

In The Lonely Place

It happens by oneself.

It happens in the middle of a thousand people.

The empty depths that is ourselves creeps in.

As one suffers, others continue around the one without ever knowing.


Distant murmurs are the only sounds.

You cannot feel.

You cannot touch.

It is not dark.

It is just lonely.


The only thing beating is your own heart.

Your own head and mind are the only things speaking.

You cry deep within.

You stand crying while others go about their day.

You want to say, “Hey! Here I am!”.

Look at me!


I can share with you.

Here-Here I am.

Don’t you see me?

Did I die and I do not know?


I am here.

All alone.

See me.

Hear me.

Touch me.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I hope this week if the dark loneliness time creeps into your life, you can be stronger and courageous enough to reach out.  You are never alone.  Somewhere and somehow you have touched and meant so much to others, there is someone trying to reach you.  And the Holy Spirit is always with you providing companionship and guidance.  You can take that step!  Reach out!  Escape the lonely places!









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