Life on the Merry Go Round


It is incredible what we have learned about neurology and the brain over the past fifty years.  Leaning about the intricate structures and workings of the brain has allowed us to better understand how people work and what goes on in their thinking.  For many years I would often feel so weird or odd because my thinking would be all over the place.  Most of the time very different from others.  Teaching one year, my teacher assistance, who I absolutely adored and loved, came into class one day and said, “Ok, where are we getting off the merry go round today?!”  She said this because I was always changing directions to create something new and interesting for my kids.  That is how my brain worked riding the merry go round.

My thoughts and directions would hop off and then back on to another spot.  Now this is a great thing if you are teaching middle schoolers because they are never bored!  However, most adults just could not understand and definitely had a hard time following.  The thinking of most adults would run more on the playground horizontal ladder—beginning to end.  Although many people would prefer the slide thinking—go quickly and start all over.  The geodesic dome would be the choice of others—methodical methods of moving from the ground to the top.  Some would prefer the swing—go one direction to the end and then change direction and swing the other way.

My family even today has difficulty following me many times.  My husband is a horizontal ladder person, so you could see where the difficulty comes in!  My conversation will be at one stop on the merry go round, and then jump back on to just get off two stops later.  They have gotten better at connecting the dots, but it is still a struggle.  As for me, all the research I have studied demonstrates my brain works the way it should for who I am.  The merry go round with the many ons and offs allows me to search for new meaning in different directions, create, develop, and take adventures.  My merry go round adventures have led me to be the person God wants me to be.  Through all the brain research there is a truth that cannot be denied.  We are all very different and how we carry out God’s purpose for us is very different.  Which also means our thinking processes should also be very different.  All the observations of how the brain works allows us all to see where we fit in.  So, use the reading this week to encourage and inspire you to study your brain, personality, and soul.  If you know where you stand, you can be more confident in who you are and better find your fit in this playground of life!

Life on the Merry Go Round

When we first really understand our place in life,

It can truly be sobering,

Especially for a dreamer.

We understand the purpose of the merry go round.


It is amazing how in the middle of so many people,

Souls can be alone on their own.

We all go through life looking or thinking that we have a special task or a special mission.

We so often feel we are here to set it, change it, or make that difference the world needs.


Then be it fate or faith,

We disown the task or mission.

We know at that moment it is not about our task or mission.

We have emotions that create fear leading to loneliness.


We pray for the hurt not to rise or to go away,

But it is the pain that shocks us to the Presence.

Loneliness comes in all ways and all forms.

It really comes to one in the middle of many—trying each day to just be.


Alone will come,

But my faith knows it will go.

Lonely—Alone—Loneliness—The mind’s hell among the living.

The place that draws me to God.


I am who I am.

I fought for many years.

I forgot for many days.

I thought I needed to be what others wanted.


I may not always think or do what it seems should be done or thought.

I may not always do what I am suppose to do.

I have learned joy on my merry go round.

Instead of fighting my mind wandering, I have come to take each wandering as an adventure.


Just as the deer venture from the safe haven of the cedars,

I also venture into the space created by the present moment.

I know I was with God and was sent here for His purpose.

It is in my spirit to be what God wishes me to be, not what others wish me to be.


It is my wish that He is in me.

I have a lot of work to do on this self and body.

But I have grown in soul and love by my ventures.

I will continue to strive for my being to be.


I will recognize the ons and offs of the merry go round,

And let each move take me more into God’s being for me.

Dreams of the past and expectations of the future will drift into the space and presence,

But not escape to be unfulfilled.


Why?  Because God is my presence, my reason, my dreams, and my passion.

I am because I am God’s being.

I do not want a role.

I do not want a label.


Being is the faith I seek.

The merry go round provides me the haven to see color, hear melodies, smell excitement, and feel the wind in the middle of many.

I am the breeze created by God’s merry go round,

That ventures into the space of others and creates the touch of presence.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Research the new brain and neurology studies this week.  This will allow you to examine your own thinking and behavioral patterns to better understand yourself.  Enter your search through prayer and with an open mind that the Holy Spirit will lead you to answers.  There is not right way, there is just your way, and how that way leads you to your purpose in this world!  Have fun on your ride of choice!











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