Journey of Patience

Journey of Patience

I just cannot wait!  I have waited too long!  Please just get on with it!  Have you thought or spoken these words? I sure have.  When life and circumstances get slow and bogged down, I get so impatient.  I just need the circumstance to be resolved and over.  I know in my life, I have sometimes made some big mistakes because I just could not be patient.  The wait creates pain in the way of thoughts of what is going to happen or what might happen.  The wait creates great anxiety.  Even after all the studies I have gone through and all the literature I have read explaining the benefits of waiting, I drive myself crazy!  I have to put my brain’s stop lights on and remember the experience is the whole purpose of the circumstance.

It is necessary to bring to the forefront the purpose of this situation.  The situation is not there to give me pain, it is there to teach me some very valuable life lesson.  I believe it all comes back to not living in the moment.  I become obsessed on the past or anxious about the future, which can ruin the entire life experience.  I am just so blessed that God is so patient with me.  I am given time to process the full experience.  Even though to me it seems like a life time, the time is really very short!  As you examine your situations this week and your patience runs short in some, try to examine the situation and look for the lesson.  Be open to the learning about yourself and others.  Truly live and love yourself and others in the present!

Journey of Patience

How do You do it?

Why do You allow me in again and again?

I make a mistake.

You say you are forgiven.

I immediately make the mistake again.


I know this is grace.

I know I am wrong.

I know I can do better.

But to You, none of this matters.

You see me as a special child worth saving.


You are patient with my growth and with my setbacks.

I become confused about my situations.

I beg to be removed,

But You say look,

And see what you are learning.


I yell at myself.

I yell out at others.

I yell at You.

Because this is not what I planned.

And after all this You still take me back.


The words themselves sound so calm,

Especially patience.

But they are anything but that.

Anxiety causes the fears to arise,

Which lessens my patience.


I beg and beg for this time to be gone,

But You say have patience child,

The lesson will be learned.

You must go through to see the joy.

You must experience to share your faith.


A day flies through.

Week moves from week.

One month turns into another.

Until you see the year,

And you cannot put a point on where you are.


I know You have the direction.

But You need me to be patient.

Please bring it to me sooner.

The solution or the answer.

Please relieve the pain.


This patience is so difficult.

But most of all thank You for not giving up on me.

For not letting me fall,

But for lifting me up.

For comforting me.


Patience is the hardest part of this journey.

I forget to live now.

I forget to be where I am.

Grow my heart to understand,

And grow my life to accept.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Traveling your path this week try to work on your patience.  Even it includes the checkout line at the grocery or Target!  You may meet a special soul there that needs your love, or another soul may be your savior for the day.  Look for how your patience grows your life.  I pray blessings for you and yours this week!  May your life be enriched this week by the blessings and patience of your journey!







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