How is your faith?  That is a question I would try and dodge some days!  Why?  Because today my faith might be strong and outstanding, as where tomorrow it might be weak and flimsy.  Faith is always stepping into the unknown, trusting that the Creator is always there.  There is where I get into trouble because my emotions and mind carry me off into a million different direction, instead of being focused toward the one way.  I really feel God wanted faith for our relationship with Him, because He wanted us to also practice this faith in our relationships with others.  It is just incredible how He demonstrates to us how to be a good human being.  He uses things like faith, love, trust, and many more inspiring qualities in teaching us how to get along with others.  It is just sometimes so difficult!  Especially the faith!  If I could just get consistent!  But I know the most important thing is that I keep trying to be consistent.  Even when my track record is not perfect.  I know the Creator is not giving up on me, so I cannot give up on myself.  Enjoy the prose this week!  Let your faith grow!


A word used by so many.

Yet understood by very few.

Actions and fate are believed to be faith.

Prayers and religions are said to be faith.


Do we really know?

What is faith?

Can I put my hands on it?

Can I give it away?


I doubt it!  Oh—my goodness!

Doubt can be faith, too!

How can I know faith?

If I haven’t experienced doubt?


The opposite of each always provides us with the truth.

The opposite of faith is fear.

Faith lets us believe in tomorrow.

Faith does not allow for the fear we can have.


The seed is faith.

Plants and flowers are produced from faith.

The trust in others is faith.

When others disappoint, we have faith.


The step forward is faith.

Faith saves us from regression.

Death and life are faith.

Now and then are faith.


Knowing that what we have experienced provides growth.

Knowing that what lies ahead provides strength.

But faith is most of all knowing that relationships are our faith.

And our journey cannot be a journey without relationships.


The past cannot be changed.

I cannot always form the future.

But I must not fear the unknown.

Predicting the present cannot be done without faith.


I can have faith that those I am with

Are the past, the future, the unknown, and the present.

They are the faith I know so little of.

They are the hope I have faith in.


A word spoken by so many.

Yet will never be understood by anyone.

Even though I cannot see or touch or understand.

I will have it because there is something there greater than myself.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I feel the point of this week is to never give up.  Even if we are weak today, it does not mean we can’t be strong in our faith tomorrow.  Do not fear, be brave, and practice that faith this week!  My prayers are sending faith, trust, and love for you this week!









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