The Best Day of My Life

The Best Day of My Life

In these days due to so many methods of technology, we can very easily develop a negative attitude.  We must work hard at finding the positive and filling our days with positivity.  I certainly know it is a difficult thing to do.  We get into the day to day schedules, work, appointments, and obligations.  Then we are hit with negative story after negative story in the media.  Of course, other people are being sucked in too, so they are sharing as well.  Soon we tend to only see horrible struggles of daily life.  We have to just turn it off!!!  Literally!!  Turn off the methods of technology that are bringing you into this world.  Find and seek out positive media areas, positive people, and positive environments.  Most of all actually start pointing put your blessings to yourself and pointing out the blessings of others around you!  Look and see all of the blessings you have.  When I start observing and listing mine, I go what a wonderful life!  I will see a blessing here, there, and everywhere!  Join me this week and think about your many blessings as I share several of mine.

The Best Day of My Life

As the cool wind swirled,

And the March sunshine came down.

I met them in the yard.

I had never smelled much less held such a vibrant, delicate flower!

The best day of my life was the day I met the daffodils!


The gym was crowded with fans cheering their teams.

Fun banter could be heard between the fans.

Then there he sat confident and handsome.

There I sat trying not to show my admiration!

The best day of my life was the day I found my love and soul mate!


The days were difficult and filled with sickness.

But the anticipation was so joyful!

Preparation and planning were going on for months.

I saw their beautiful eyes and held their small, sweet hands.

The best day of my life was the day I greeted my children into this world!


It is hard to realize the child you held is now holding his own!

The legacy you wanted for love came from sweet angels planned by God.

All so different and all so like the family.

Their eyes bright with hope!

The best day of my life was holding my grandchildren in my arms!


The smells could never be forgotten.

And the savory tastes lingered.

She and I would pinch and toss in the perfect seasonings.

The end products were presentable for any great restaurant!

The best day of my life was cooking with Em!


You could smell the dirt and warmth rise from the Earth.

We could feel softness and warmness between our toes and on our fingers.

The seeds all finding their places in the nurturing Earth.

The stories were long and revealing.

The best day of my life was gardening with my Jim.


The rhythm of the swing was like an instrument.

A slight breeze blew past us with each note.

The train whistle joined the rhythm.

Her arm was safely around me and made this composition unforgettable.

The best day of my life was swinging on the front porch with Mama Hick.


The waves flowing across our feet.

The boys riding boards in the white caps.

The little one building castles in the sand.

The best day of my life was family vacations on the beach with the souls I love!


Hustle and bustle would go on to get everything on the table.

The smells of good food wafted through the house.

The warnings to grab their drinks were yelled.

The talk, the stories, the laughter, and the moments.

The best day of my life were the meals around the table with my family!


Tubes were everywhere.

The body was still except for the breathing tube and heartbeat on the monitor.

The days were long, somber, and scary.

Then he spoke and woke up!

The best day of my life was the day my man awakened!


Soft fur cuddled next to me.

Tails wagging as I get home.

A big wet kiss on my nose as I wake up in the morning.

They require nothing but my love.

The best day of my life is always with my puppies!


The excitement has spread out into the hall.

The anticipation of doing the experiment can be seen on all their faces.

Today they will learn something new in a new exciting way.

Today I will get to share facts and truths.

The best day of my life was watching a student discover learning in my classroom!


As I think back, so many days are the best days!

Days filled with new beginnings.

All completing an exceptional journey.

I really have discovered the best day of my life is every day of my life!

Because every day breaths blessings into my soul!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Count the best days of your life this week.  Those days may include small blessings or large blessings, but all are blessings!  Make sure you understand I am not saying to ignore your passions for helping others.  You can continue to follow that passion and still avoid falling into a negative world.  I pray today and all the following tomorrows, you can enjoy your blessings and have the most positive life!














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