One In Every Crowd

One In Every Crowd

I wish that I could say everyone I have known or met was just a good soul.  Unfortunately, it would not be true.  There always seems to be that one person that seeks to harm others.  They seek to belittle others, betray others, and even see others as being beneath them.  Sometimes these people stand out and sometimes they don’t.  I know we all handle this type of person in our own way to cope.  I have before.  And it is not always in the best manner.  My piece today specifically says in the first stanza what we all forget, including me.  Who hurt this person, how they were hurt, or what has damaged them in order that they treat others in this way.  We must remember these people may have never really received love.  Now, I am not saying this is easy, nor is it right for these people to display such behavior.  It’s probably one of the hardest things to do in life.  This week when we encounter those that are hard to love, dig a little deeper.  Especially say prayers for this person.  Demonstrate to this person how real love works!

One In Every Crowd

She is so very frightened and scared.

That she tries to frighten and scare everyone else.

We don’t know where she was hurt or how.

But we know it has shaped her into what she has become.


Her perfect world is not suited for others.

They just cannot to the things that are needed to be done correctly.

She never minds pointing these mistakes out.

The pain of others really makes her comfortable.


Her face contains two sides.

Not the same, but different.

One speaks to others with gladness.

The other side speaks of other weaknesses.


Her fear of sharing separates her from others.

If she shares,

Her task is to gain the trust of others.

In order to make fun of the weaker ones.


Pity goes out to her.

Pity that she cannot love without expectations.

Pity that she cannot find joy daily.

Pity that her life is big due to belittling others.


It would be sad being the one in the crowd.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I do want to say in trying to love these individuals, we cannot let them lower ourselves into their hurt.  So, try to help, but do not be hurt yourself.  You know this day to day living is tough.  We like to think everyday is getting up and seeing daisies all day, but it does not always work that way.  We encounter others with issues, we have issues, and its just difficult.  Please remember, we are all here for each other.  We are here to make the journey better and joyful!  So move on through the crowds this week spreading your love and loving yourself!  I cannot thank you enough for being a part of my life, and my love goes out to you for joy and peace!












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