Signs of Change

Signs of Change

Oh boy!!! Now this is a really, tough matter to deal with today, change.  It is inevitable.  You either adapt or die!  That is the bottom line!  But I am going to tell you, many times I just wish the change could be slower.  I think as we get older, we always reflect on “the good old days”.  “The good old days” were good sometimes, but not always.  I am very proud for many changes, like more equality (although it can be even better), technology advances including medical, being able to voice and practice our beliefs (1st amendment upheld), and so many more.  At the same time, I am saddened to know that changes with families and relationships has changed and not necessarily for the best.  I know with our families, when the matriarchs passed away, no one stepped in to continue all the connections.  The same goes with friends and relationships.  People have to make life changes and move on.  I even see my Dad, who is 83, has lost many simply due to death.  I feel that is why today’s subject is so important.  We must make sure we are not losing these relationships in the middle of the constant changes.  We have to reach out to each other, contact each other, and make those connections.  Of course, we also have to embrace the change as well.  Face it with joy and celebration for the great things that come out of it!  Make a change this week!  Also reach out to someone and strengthen one of those relationships in the middle of the change!

Signs of Change

Gone are the days of simplicity and naivety.

Gone are the laid-back family gatherings and swings on the porch.

Days have been changed.


Sometimes I feel the good change.

Then other times I feel the bad change.

No matter there is change.


The pace scorns the day with missed relationships and unmeet obligations.

The days are hurried and exhausting.

All energy is low in everyone.


I search for the simple signs.

The simple signs allowing for a moment of peace.

The simple signs telling us to not rush somewhere else or to something else.


I yearn for the moments when a conversation can be shared.

Not to be dissected,

But to be accepted and just heard.


Changing times frighten me.

I fear relationships can be lost forever.

Just slow down change!


There needs to be time to grow!

We all want more time to love!

I need more time to change!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I must end up saying today how thankful I am that you reach out to my writings for a connection.  I pray that some inspiration is gained by the time you spend with me.  I have experienced many changes since the beginning of this site many years ago.  I did not always make these changes without kicking and screaming, but I did make them!  As I reflect, God led me through these times for the best things in my life.  I have been so blessed through this guidance.  Embrace your changes, make connections, and count your blessings this week!










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