Obedience: The Art of Listening


I always think about obedience as an action.  However, one action I forget that obedience can be is listening.  I sometimes get all caught up in the acting and doing, but I forget to just listen.  The year I wrote this piece lots of things were happening to me.  I could not see the big picture or plan.  I was trying to be obedient, but I was not slowing down and stopping to listen.  Remember, obedience is listening so you will know the Creators next big step for you.  Don’t get lost in all the chaos and acting.  Get more into listening for the answers and solutions!

Obedience:  The Art of Listening

God please forgive me for fighting.

I really do not mean to collapse into my own wants.

I try so hard to know what You want me to do.

Please forgive me.


I think I know.

Then circumstances through Your grace show me that I am so ignorant.

I promise I am trying.

Please forgive me.


I am trying to be obedient.

I am trying to listen.

My ears hear, but my mind is deaf.

Please forgive me.


I cause such pain to myself.

I drown in despair.

I lose hope.

Please forgive me.


I am not strong for those that I love.

I forget my lessons to them about obedience.

I forget to let go.

Please forgive me.


I know obedience is freedom.

I know freedom is You and Your Son.

I know You use me for Your glory.

Please forgive me.


Obedience is freedom.

Freedom is forgiveness.

Forgiveness is living.

Thank You God—-for Your forgiveness!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

True listening is a very hard task.  We all want to inject our opinion, our viewpoint, or our experience.  But listening can help us learn so much about ourselves and other people.  Go into this next week trying to practice listening, if only for a little bit of the time.  I am right there with you practicing too!  See what a difference it can make in your life!








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