The Red, White, and Blue

The Red, White, and Blue

Happy Fourth of July!  I mean it!  We have so much turmoil and negativity in our country right now.  I want us to stop and realize how we are so blessed to live where free speech, thought, and life exist.  We really like to complain about a lot of things, which defending and standing for issues is our right.  And there it is!  Our right—-We have the right—We are allowed to express those rights in our country!  I am not saying we don’t have problems, but if we work together instead of apart many of these problems can be solved.  We need more positivity and cooperation among ourselves.  Most Americans are in this category.  They are proud and want our country to be the best it can be.  On this country’s birthday celebration, the Fourth of July, let’s celebrate all the cultures that we are as a country.  Some of our families came long ago, some came yesterday, and some lived here centuries ago.  All together we make up this amazing country!  Let’s celebrate!  Let’s sing and dance to our differences as a country of free people!  Happy Fourth of July, Americans!

The Red, White, and Blue

A country.

Cities, towns, counties, and states.

Country land.

Divided into pieces.


All types of land in pieces.

All under one government.

Each under their own individuals.

A government sworn to protect individuality.


Young strong nation.

Created by people seeking a new way.

What way?

More of a freedom way.


Persecution for speech, religion, and more.

They only sought freedom.

Not knowing how,

But determined to sacrifice all for freedom.


All history of this country.

Most of the time forgotten.

The bravery to seek.

The courage of giving up all.


The flag protecting all flags from all countries.

Celebrated still for the freedom.

Honored for its tribute to the brave.

Stars and stripes for its individuals.


A country remaining diverse.

Populations representing so many cultures.

But represented under one flag.

Representing one nation of people.


Many have forgotten.

And others really don’t care.

But the multiple cultures of Americans,

Are still proud to be Americans.


The glory of being able to disagree!

The beauty of agreeing!

Neighbors beside neighbors loving each other.

All believing in freedom for all to be different.


So many these days want separation of souls.

Some seek uproar and division.

Most just want life, peace, and freedom.

And most are the ones that make this country.


One country of individuals.

A flag representing many cultures.

It is these that seek life, peace, and freedom.

It is those individuals that hold that flag of this country up to wave.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I hope your holiday is glorious and safe.  Enjoy friends, family, and your heritage as an American!  Keep striving to help America come together in peace and love.  Blessings to all of us that call ourselves Americans!








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