Free of Fear

Free of Fear

Fear—–a word, emotion, or feeling that brings us to our knees.  If you have never had to deal with the word, you are so very lucky, but you are probably not in the real world.  Most of us have first-hand experience with fear.  Fear of illnesses, relationships, finances, failures, successes, pleasing others, and the list goes on.  Fear can freeze us and cause stagnation in our life.  When I was younger, I really fought fear much more in my life.  I fortunately have lived, experienced, and been in this world long enough that I really fight for my freedom of fear now!  I hope the prose today leads you to a new outlook on facing your fears.  Live and live with freedom!

Free of Fear

When I read in the Constitution that I am free,

It seems I can’t be free.

When I read in the Bible that God and Jesus set us free,

I really did not understand.


Free from debt?

Free from obligations?

Free from choices?

Free from demands and pressure?


Then as life experiences occurred,

I learned that God and the Holy Spirit meant freedom of fear.

I realized the founding Fathers meant freedom without fear for living.

See fear is the base of all of these.


Fear to face the day.

Fear to make choices.

Fear from others.

Fear of pressures.


The living seems hard,

But the living is the freedom!

The freedom of fear allows peace.

Peace allows the giving of the soul.


I live to be fearless!

I am free to live!

My soul will never fear again!

And the Soul is free!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so very much for joining me this week.  I realize your time is very special, and I appreciate you using your time with me!  The things we live with day to day can be overwhelming, especially fears.  I pray for you that fear will not consume you this week.  I hope you are inspired this week to apply your faith and fight that fear!








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