Simple Summer

Simple Summer

With life so complex these days, it is so nice to enjoy blessings of the summer!  It is amazing how all those small, wonderous blessings can make a complex day so relaxing and enjoyable.  Everyone has a more laid, back attitude during these summer months.  Stopping to say look at what all the experiences and blessings I have! Recognizing these can be a great thing for our minds and our souls.  Don’t let these summer days slip by without stopping to see one of these miracles!

Simple Summer

Dragonflies abound.

Queen Anne’s Lace scattered.

Smell of cut grass.

Sun rays intense and hot.


Hot, humid air.

Clear mornings.

Stormy afternoons.

Sultry nights.


Butterflies fluttering.

Bees buzzing.

Clouds of fluff.

Trickle of cool water.


Deep voice of the frogs.

Light show from lightening bugs.

Coyote voices heard.

Quiet and still air.


Pool water splashes.

Hungry appetites for lunch.

Sun talks around the picnic table.

Sipping sweet cool tea.


Smell of a grill burning.

Laughter of kids playing outside.

Fresh fruits everywhere.

People absorbing the long days.


Cool air to sleep in.

Bedtimes stretched into the night.

Lanterns lighting the dark.

Chirping crickets.


Soothing and exhilarating.

Chaos and calm.

Relaxing and revitalizing.

Complex yet so simple!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for joining me this week during this blessed season!  Stop and look for these special blessings that are right in front of you this week.  Take it in and feel so fortunate to have all your own personal experiences this week.  Soak up your simple summer!













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