The Search

The Search

We very often think constant motion means productivity. But we forget all this movement does not allow for peace.  Now don’t get me wrong, we do need motion in our lives.  However, too much can bring on complicated problems.  Fatigue and exhaustion are just a few of these problems. For me I am usually moving to search for solutions by myself.  I am trying to solve things on my own.  I have to remember that God and the Holy Spirit are there to help me if I will be still.  Please make sure to carve out some part of your days this week to not move!  Settle down even if for a short time and seek peace!

The Search

Pulling back.

Pushing forward.

Constant movement.

Maybe motion allowing the still to permeate time.


Is this why we like motion as babies?

Does this begin our back and forth struggle to avoid peace?

How can one have peace if one cannot experience stillness or heaven?

Settling is the base of our peace.


We want to be present with those pulling and those pushing—

But we also want stillness.

Stretch backward.

Lean forward.


Searching for the moments,

May lead you to the quiet.

Settle for stillness.

Then others will settle with you.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray that you can find a balance in your life this week.  Enough movement to enjoy your journey, yet stillness to seek help.  Some motion with some peace!  You may not accomplish this right away but working toward a balance is part of the journey!  So, journey on this week with a little of both!








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