The Journey

The Journey

Journeying through any space and time is a true experience.  We have all types of adventures and directions with a variety of emotions.  I was just reflecting on my journey in the piece this week.  All the blessings, whether positive or negative, being part of the journey.  I think we need to stop wherever we are on the journey.  Stop to see where we have been and where we are.  Halt to examine your journey from all the angles this week.  There are so many twists and turns loaded with jewels of the landscape!  Take possession of your journey this week and see your many blessings!

The Journey

Whether short or long,

There are hills and valleys.

I have tried the shortcuts,

Which have turned into long detours.


There have been cries of tears.

Some have been happy and others sad.

I have shouted cheers of joy,

Celebrating what the journey has brought.


I have seen the most glorious sunrises with the birds,

And I have basked in beautiful sunsets with family.

Mornings have given me good coffee and thanks,

As where nights have soothed me with hot chocolate and movies.


The sea has offered me the feel of sand and creatures like scallops.

The seas’ lobsters and the sea allowing me to catch these lobsters to satisfy my tummy.

The water has flowed over me lifting me forward and to heights of ecstasy.

Dolphins within it have spoken to me.


Many cities and towns have appeared on my journey.

All with their own unique gifts.

Providing me with new experiences and knowledge.

But my journey always leads back home.


The hills of the journey have provided me home.

Their colors in spring and fall provide me hope and trust that something is greater than I.

The hills’ rocks and animals have given me adventure and investigations,

Which made the journey an excursion.


The joy of children made the journey so bearable.

Their laughter and happiness carries you so far on the road.

The accomplishments you see as they are on their own journeys

Make your heart skip and beam hotter than the sun.


People come and go.

Some join you for a brief moment and others stay the whole journey.

Some become a part of you because of their love.

Others disappear quickly down various trails because they cannot love.


Being a caregiver becomes part of the path.

It is difficult and sad,

But you respect giving back to those that have loved you so.

Their journey becomes the side streets of yours.


The pets that come along with you are never forgotten.

They watch you and support you every step of the journey.

You are comforted by their presence,

And their eyes see your soul.


The artists have painted and sculpted the journey with vivid colors and textures.

Museums, zoos, and libraries give the road wisdom and knowledge.

The journey holds so many treasures and dreams.

We collect some and we lose some.


If you are blessed for your journey to continue,

Grace has been extended to you.

When the journey on this living ball ends,

And starts again beyond here your prayers have been answered.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray that your journey will be blessed and that you enjoy every second!  This week I was so blessed to spend the afternoon with two incredible women, Kristen Rameriz and Barb Mayo!  They took me into a new world with fascinating directions.  My journey certainly took an interesting, yet amazing swirl this week!  Don’t travel through so quickly that you forget to cherish these swirls this week.  Happy travels on the journey this week!













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