On this journey have you ever found yourself with a deep feeling of loss?  A loss that puts your mind and spirit on a path of wandering.  Both your mind and spirit feel as though they are completely lost.  Lost in an area of loneliness, a vast and deep space of emptiness.  The events causing this lost feeling could be from having to let a sacred soul go to losing something that brings great meaning to your life.  Whatever event causes this position, we all know it takes a lot to pull oneself out of such an emptiness.  However, it can be done!  Accepting the joys around you can bring you back.  Even the smallest of joys!  Allowing your soul to gain its spirit again.  Never giving up is another way.  Holding onto your hope and your knowledge of an amazing future!  The depths cannot hold you down with hope and promise.  As you read this week, keep that joy and hope always in focus!


So much sound.

So many tones and noise,

Loud and soft.

Loneliness is felt in my heart.


Loss causes these pains.

But we sometimes really cannot name the loss.

Is it a relationship or age?

Loss of dignity or trust?


The sound is not the source of pain.

The reaction to the pain is the sound.

We are so close yet so distant when we experience loss.

Just like the sounds.


If we gain nothing by the loss,

Then we have truly never known life.

The sounds are often deafening.

Then at times they grow so quiet I must strain to hear.


Sometimes the tone is quieter away from us.

Then as the sound approaches,

It becomes louder and louder until we shudder.

The loud tone reflects such loss.


Such deep loss.

When it hits you,

You so badly want to make a sound,

But nothing moves forth from your body.


Your soul cannot even bring forth emotion to make the sound.

If loss were the end of sound, we would be at a place where our souls could not return.

As it is so often eluded to,

Loss does bring gain.


Sounds of joy once again.

The lost found.

The gain of our souls again.

The joy with the remembrance of those tones.


Tones that are reflective of the loss return—

If not in air—in your soul.

Remember those sounds,

Because they cannot be duplicated ever again.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

We all experience this “lost” feeling at some time in our lives.  No one is immune to this experience.  I pray that you keep your light glowing in this lost world.  I also want you to know there is always someone with you.  Keep those close to you that love and bring joy!  And keep that hope and promise in your heart and spirit!








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