Dance of the Trees

Dance of the Trees

Have you missed the dance?  If you have, you need to slow down and be a part of the dance!  We just should not be so busy that we can’t participate in a blessed dance.  I am not unrealistic.  I know this is much harder to do than to say.  Do you remember how free you feel to just throw your hands up, sway, jiggle, and shuffle your feet?  When we let lose, it can be so freeing.  It frees our mind, soul, and spirit!  It opens us up to love and better understanding of the world around us, because we can be more relaxed, and we can love ourselves more.  If the trees know this is freeing, why can’t we learn from them.  Life should not be confining—-Life should be freeing!  So, dance today!  Dance over dinner, dance under the sunrise and the sunset, dance with your dogs, dance in the grass, dance in the store, dance at work, dance by yourself or with someone!  Stop and enjoy the dance where ever you might be!

Dance of the Trees

They sway and they swing.

Sometimes gently,

Other times rapidly.

Always in sync together.


They warn me of the troubled storms.

Or they greet me to a sunny, cool day.

Prancing and dancing to the wind.

Always with meaning.


Appearing as one,

Yet made of many different colors.

Sage, bright green, forest, and avocado,

Birch, maple, oak, hackberry, and cedar.


They set the scene against the sky.

They protect the birds.

And make provision for all the other animals.

Each limb and leaf providing the dance.


If you are invited to watch the dance.

You are not only blessed,

But benefited from their shade,

And nourished by their food.


The dance is so distinguished.

The excitement it provides.

Dancers, happy and free!

Flowing and strolling.


I wish to see the dance over and over.

It brings so much joy!

The dance will continue.

And I will see it in my memory forever!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

If anything, I hope today inspires you to not be so adult this week. Watch the dances of nature and dance during your day for life.  Self-help and care are so very important these days.  Dancing will make you smile and live freely!  God’s blessing on your dances this week!












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