God’s Love Loan

God's Love Loan

During August so many of us, who are parents and grandparents, are having to let go of our children.  Whether it be to kindergarten, college, or jobs, our hearts pain and our souls want to hold on tight to those sweet ones that are ours.  We forget these souls are not completely ours, they are loans from God!  We forget they were given to us in order that we can be good stewards of these souls He places here on Earth.  The fact that they are loans leaves our thoughts all together, especially when we have done everything for them since birth.  We want to just hold on tight and not let go, but we have to let go.  These souls are only loans.  We should not interfere with their life paths for God.  We love them, protect them, but the most important thing we do is to teach them.  How to love others and themselves.  How to serve others and themselves.  So, as the precious hand of the one you love so much slips out of yours this week or as they drive or fly away, be proud that you have done your job preparing them.  But remember it has always been God’s job to watch over them and lead them.  They are His more than they are ours!

God’s Love Loan

It is time.

The time we prepare them for.

The time they become who God intended for them to be.

We so often forget they are on loan.


We cuddle, caress, tickle, and pray for them.

We ask for God’s blessing upon them.

We give them more freedom each day with each step.

Our attachment becomes greater with each step of freedom.


They are us when we have moved to the next level of heaven.

But most of all,

They are God’s plan for the future.

They will cure others, love others, teach others, and help others.


They will be the extension of the light to others.

Light that cannot be captured.

Light that must be turned in the direction,

In order that it can be given away toward others.


God is reflected in this gift.

The loaning of the light from God.

God’s loan to us.

We are thankful for this loan.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Just remember this week you are not losing your love loan.  You are sharing them with the world!  They are going out to do God’s will and be His light.  Your job will still be to love, support, and teach them, but God takes over when they leave your nest to do the rest!  Peace to all parents and grandparents this month!













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