The Mill

The Mill

If you have never experienced a circle of friends that make you completely safe, then you have not lived!  It is amazing to have people surround you, no matter circumstances or situation, that love you for you.  They respect who you are and how you make their life so much better.  Sometimes we call this group our tribe or village.  I refer to my intimate group here in the piece today as my circle.  This circle provides me love, comfort, and joy.  Sure, it is great getting these same things from family, but it is truly different when these individuals who do not have to accept you do make the choice to be with you.  At one time in my past this circle was very close.  Then life and changes separated us for a time.  When we reconnected way over a year and a half ago, we picked right back up with our same care and love for each other.  To say I am blessed to have these amazing women is an understatement!  If you have not joined or rejoined one of your circles, tribes, or villages today, make sure you do this week.  It will truly be a blessing!

The Mill

Who would have ever thought this was a mill.

A working mill providing sustenance for the community.

It’s new walls and new furnishing

Now provide a different sustenance.

A sustenance of family and community.


When the ladies arrive,

The anticipation of a new adventure bubbles everywhere!

They share with each other their speculations.

What will be the dining treasure of the day in this old mill?

Fruit tea, carrot cake, fresh tomatoes, or quiches?


The rough, hewed tables await them.

Odd matching chairs provide each with their own seat.

The décor takes them back into history.

The old wood planks on the floor,

Lead them to their circle.


They are settled in front of two small window,

That show how the mill was positioned into the ground for support.

The ladies are hoping to find the same support from each other that day.

The menus provide them with so many choices.

But the circle at the table provides them with even more choices.

The choices to speak freely from their hearts!


See the ladies don’t really come for the meal or the new experience.

They come for the circle of love.

A circle that is safe to share anything.

One that allows love no matter.

A circle of women that support and care deeply for each other.

Separated shortly by time and reunited by destiny.


The atmosphere and the table are the sanctuary.

A sanctuary where the women share their hearts and lives.

There is no judgement.

Only acceptance for their differences and who they really are.

Secrets of the circle that no one else is privileged to.


The mill on this day may have taught some history.

But more importantly it taught these women how valuable time together can be.

The mill provided so much more than physical sustenance that day.

It allowed them to protect and cherish this circle.

Because it is their place of love and refuge in a chaotic world.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Today’s piece was especially written for my close-knit circle, Karen Jenkins and Mandy King.  They are my heavenly sisters here on Earth!  A special thanks to Readyville Mills who provides a place for family and community to gather.  When you reconnect this week with one of your circles, remember these are people that breathe life into you and do not suck the life out of you.  If I needed either of these ladies, all it would take is a call or text and they would be beside me, no questions ask!  So, seek your sisters, brothers, and others today for a safe place to live life in such a chaotic world!














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