The Fading Summer

The Fading Summer

I really don’t understand why, but I become sad at the changes of the seasons.  When I have to move from one to another, I want to hold that particular one so closely that it never goes away!  Of course, I always delight in what is ahead in the curve of the road.  The new scents, colors, and atmosphere, but for one moment I am sad to say goodbye to the one I am leaving.  Whether it is the memories I cling to with the people I love, or I am just hard-headed and do not want to move on.  I really, just can’t say.  I do believe it is our human nature to hesitate about change.  We get comfortable and secure where we are, and change brings the unknown and fear into our minds.  It really takes us exercising our faith to move on.  So, I do know I will have faith and I will embrace the change when God presents all the hope that the next season brings.  I also know God allows me to appreciate my blessings of each season in the way of sadness for what I was freely given and enjoyed!

The Fading Summer

I felt the little breeze go past my arm.

It was still hot and humid.

The sun bearing down.

But I knew the breeze said change.


Grasses are dried everywhere.

Iron weed strutting throughout them.

The butterflies and hummers getting in their last sips before it arrives.

Pools of water had turned colder just within a week.


The trees were sprinkling a few leaves.

Not from the changes,

But from the heat.

The other leaves will create their show in a few weeks.


The sunflowers’ heads begin to droop.

They dry providing the birds with a buffet.

The zinnas’ colors begin to fade.

All know the change is coming.


Beach towels are replaced with blankets outside.

The gardening tools begin to be stored.

The sounds are changing too.

The once loud and noisy symphony at night.

Is now a mild serenade from creatures in the grasses and even quiet at times.


Instead of thirsting for an iced tea,

My yearning is turning toward a warm coffee or cocoa.

My coconut smells of the summer scents.

Starts longing for pumpkin bread and cinnamon.


All the colors are trying to hold onto the lush olives and bright greens.

But yellow and light brown are replacing them.

As quickly as it came.

It even quicker fades into the landscape.


Change is here.

Our long summer nights.

Turn shorter and shorter.

And my summer slips from my fingers.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Enjoy your last days of summer this week and be thankful.  Embrace your first days of fall with hope and joy!  It is quit the miracle that we are given to live in a forever changing life!  Sun rays of blessings and the magic of hope be upon you in the old and new week of the old and new season!







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