We Will Always Remember

We Will Always Remember

Every year I still get chill bumps on 9/11.  I will probably always, as I should.  The date itself just swells up great feeling in me.  I wish I could say it is all anger, but a great deal of it is sadness.  Sadness that humanity could ever do such an evil deed.  We will never forget all the beautiful souls we lost that day and days after in New York City, Washington, and Pennsylvania.  I also think on that day how families and loved ones have to experience that day over and over again year after year.  My profound experience around this day was the year we visited the museum—really one of the sanctified grounds of the resting place of these souls.  The one spot that touched me was the enormous wall inside the museum.  An encased area of the ashes and remains of so many sweet souls never found lies within this wall.  This wall stands as a tomb of remembrance.  A remembrance of those to never be forgotten.  And this is one place where the loved ones have to visit in honoring their fallen.

So, if we think our little political issues matter this week, stop and remember the sanctity of life far exceeds these insignificant issues.  That very day dads, moms, husbands, wives, and so many more stopped living a blessed life here on Earth.  They left their loved ones behind because of evil in this world.  Our goal in this country should be to unify for good.  Our differences are the underlying success of this country.  Our differences were represented in all the great souls lost in and during the battles of this country in order to remain free.  Free of choice.  Free of spirit.  Free of differences.  Free of tyranny.  Free of fear.  We have to as humans honor and never forget the price of life and humanity.  If putting our petty issues aside is a way of doing that, then we must succeed so that all of the souls we have lost will be for a great purpose.  Please read and remember this week.

We Will Always Remember

So much smoke.

The hottest of fires.

We all set in our places.

Wondering if what we had seen was true.


Then our greatest fears set in.

This was real.

Who could ever be so dark and evil?

To do this to helpless souls.


It progressively worsened.

As we were glued to our TVs.

The smoke and the fire gave way.

To the fall of the two tallest buildings.


One crumbled into the street.

Then the other sank into the Earth.

The buildings did not matter.

What mattered was the souls we cried for.


The souls reaching out the windows for help.

The souls scaling stairs to get out.

The souls defending America on the plane in the Pennsylvania air .

The souls laying in their last moments agonizing in pain.

The souls who never knew what hit in Washington.


Our prayers immediately were given up.

Our heroes jumped into action,

With many going down.

Churches became sanctuaries.

Neighbor helped neighbor.


All Americans pitched in.

Whether we searched for survivors.

Or wrote letters of encouragement.

Or flew our flag in honor.

Our communities held vigils for all of these.


Americans, hand in hand.

Mourning our dead brothers and sisters.

Comforting the loved ones of those.

Uplifting each other for hope.


The phrase will always remain.

We will never forget.

Americans in one of their worst hours.

Americans at their best.

And we will always remember.


It did not matter who you were.

Or where you came from.

You were an American that day.

You were the part of a family invested in love.

Love for each other and an amazing country.


As our years have passed,

Unfortunately, some of us have forgotten this time.

We choose to dwell on the insignificant things.

We want to see all the bad there is in this world.

And defend evil rather than fight it.


Tragedies should not have to happen.

For us to see the good.

Our hope is to step beyond these trivial things.

And step toward unity.


Unity of differences.

All of us under one flag as one people.

Unity of reverence for life.

And unity beyond a political world,

Refraining from placing blame.


For Americans are Americans.

All from different places making up one great country.

Americans loving humanity.

And reaching for a peaceful future.


We will never forget.

Lest our souls fall into the smoke and fire of our enemies.

And our humanity being lost.

We will always remember, because we do not have a choice.

If we do forget these souls, they were lost in vain.

We will not let this happen.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I hope this week you take a few moments to reflect on the 9/11 day.  Consider the reality of who we are as a country.  Respect where we have come from and how hopeful our future can be.  It is easy to find all the faults in life, but it is difficult to live a celebrated.  Living a celebrated life to honor these souls.  Then the families and loved ones of those lost can know there truly was a purpose for their lost one.  God bless you and yours this week.  Our love and prayers go out to all loved ones and families that have lost a sweet soul in honor of this country.










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