Harvest Prayer

Harvest Prayers

The harvest was a term specifically coined by our ancestors.  It refers to the gathering of the crops.  It was a time when the last crop production occurred and the gathering of the last crops before the frost.  Even though many of us are not in an agrarian community any longer, we still celebrate the harvest time.  My celebration this week was in the form of a prayer expressing my harvest of blessings.  Whether you are in an agrarian area or not, I am sure your harvest is plump and large!  Especially if you are able to buy products from our own farmers, and also if you have family, friends, and love!  Maybe you just have not taken the time to count the many parts of your harvest this week.  If you have not this week, make sure that you do during this season.  Your prayer of harvest will probably be much larger than you ever imagined!  I know mine could have gone on forever!

Harvest Prayer

Pour Your grace upon me.

Surround me with Your love.

I feel whole when I feel You.

Your presence gives me power.


I can stand and celebrate!

Because of You my hope explodes.

I will celebrate my life.

And the lives of others.


There is evil in this world.

But I stand against that evil.

Not really me.

But You in me and Your hope through me.


I rejoice in the day because of You!

Your blessings on my life have been so countless.

Your grace has delivered me from pain.

Your plan has grown my soul and life.


With the changes You have for me.

I proceed with great confidence.

Because You clear the paths.

And You know where I will go even though I do not.


My fear turns into comfort because You protect me.

And Your promises allow my soul to rest.

I could never praise You enough!

But I will try.


As the sun turns the leaves.

And the moon lights the cool night.

Your peace develops my heart.

I gain the wisdom that I am beyond blessed!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray for blessings on your harvest this season!  I thank you for making mine the more fruitful and blessed by joining me each week.  Also, because I can celebrate when you share your blessings with me!  When you evaluate your gathering this season, find a reason to celebrate the goodness, love, and people you have.  The harvest should not be a time of false acknowledgements, but one of genuine and thoughtful praise.  As you gather your gourds, pumpkins, nuts, and fruits of the season, gather your blessings first!








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