You know—we should never stop dreaming!  You are never too old or too young to dream.  When we are young, it seems we can dream of doing anything, yet dreams seem far out of reach.  As we grow older, we question ourselves whether it is worth dreaming any longer.  It is always worth the dreaming!  Our dreaming is the hope deep inside of us that surfaces for our soul.  If you find yourself this week in a dream world, there is a purpose for that wondering.  One purpose for this hope you are given is to press forward in your life.  Embrace it and reach for new experiences and new directions!


God’s dream is my dream.

Do I always know that dream?

Sometimes yes.

Sometimes no.


I question sometimes whether I am dreaming.

My dreaming brings reassurance, so I am confident.

Then it brings uncertainty and fear.

And the dreaming goes on everywhere.


I dream beneath the stars.

The dream dances in my sleep.

I can dream as the warm sun touches my face.

As my coffee cools, I dream.


Do I always go toward the dream?

Do I sometimes wander from it?

I many times wonder, God, what is the dream?

I wonder when this dream will come true.


Where do I go to find the dream?

What do I do in making it come true?

How can I dream like this?

I am weak and Your dream is strong.


No, I do not always know how, where, what, or why,

But I still dream.

I dream big,

Because your power for me to dream is Your infinite dream!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Enjoy your dreaming this week!  I pray that you don’t stifle or give up on your dreams.  God has great plans for you at any age.  Opportunities and places are given to you at all ages in order that you shape your dreams and ignite your hope! Don’t ignore these.  Go for those dreams that are inside of you and enjoy the life of dreaming you are blessed with!  Blessings on your dreams this week!  And thank you for sharing your time with me!









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