Dry Bones

Dry Bones

With all the hot weather we are having in our part of the country right now, I could not help but to think about how dry my own bones become at times.  Life and living will just suck your bones dry.  It is the little things day after day that dries them out completely.  Unfortunately, with activities, jobs, and tasks that really do not address our mental or physical health, the life of our bones can become very exhausted and tired.  There are days I need to be filled with love and hope.  God will send me that in the form of spiritual souls.  These souls will give me a call, send a message, or show up providing me that love and hope.  Then my bones start replenishing little by little!  They are massaged back to health by the Spirit through these souls.  Accept these notes and messages with welcoming arms.  Make sure this week that your bones are getting replenished!

Dry Bones

My bones dry out.

They get brittle.

Close to breaking.

They need to be replenished to survive.


Life wears on them.

Each day they lose a little more moisture.

Til they want to crunch under the pressure.

They sound hollow.


Bone rattles against bone.

As more of life’s demands seeps into the marrow.

Eating away at the life there.

Leaving empty vessels.


I find myself right before the breaking point.

Ready to lay down in the dust.

So, I can blow away with the wind.

And feel no more pain.


Then I feel the slightest breath.

A sweet whisper.

It flows across my dead bones.

And refreshes their substance!


Your gentle air lifts my bones from the dust.

Into the surrounding world.

Adding moisture to the bones’ surfaces.

Bringing me back to life!


You send a simple word.

Or a simple phrase.

Maybe even a note from a friend.

That gives the bones support and hope!


One by one.

They support my whole being again.

You put life and meaning back into their existence.

Giving reasons for moving on.


My bones are plump again!

Supporting my heart and soul.

Carrying me into the new future!

Remaining strong from Your magnificent Spirit!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I cannot thank you enough this week for reading with me.  Sharing with you is one means of my replenishment!  Look for the many ways and the many souls that replenish your bones this week!  You will be better equipped to face your hopeful future.  Blessings on your bones!







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