Falling Inward

Falling Inward

All seasons bring new awareness and different experiences.  But for some reason the fall just enlightens us all!  The fall with all its warmth and coziness just turns inward on us and fills us completely up with good feelings and safety. We yearn for the outside, but it goes inside us for the best moments ever!  We see so many miracles from the Earth at this time, which gives us hope and anticipation of the many blessings we are given.  As you absorb all the fall colors and feelings this week, take yourself inward and examine all the many blessings you have.  Fall right into this amazing season!

Falling Inward

The grey sky carried the wind on its shoulders.

The trees knew it was here.

All the flowers were tucked back into their stems and seeds.

All could feel the fall.


Inside our bodies tell us.

It is time to return inward toward your soul.

Yet we outwardly want to touch the cool air.

We want to see God paint the Earth.


Colors of all hues.

Smells of every scent.

The Earth releases all she has.

Before going inward.


Even the animals start inward.

The squirrels find their tree nests.

The rabbits go to their burrows.

And the birds huddle near their trees.


All only coming out to forage.

The final fruits appear.

Many fall to the ground.

Waiting to provide nourishment to many creatures.


As the days shorten their light.

And the sun moves further away.

May our inward selves,

Reflect on the miracles we see and feel every season.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I am so glad we are given the opportunity to see and enjoy all the miracles that God gives us through all the seasons.  Thank you for taking your valuable time this week to join me in celebrating an amazing time of year!  I pray that your inward and outward blessings are bountiful and glorious this season.  Miracles are present every day, don’t miss out on them.  Look outward to really see these blessings, and fall inward to examine all that you are freely given!










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