Hollow Uprising

Hollow Uprising

There are some places that are just sacred places.  I think we all have our own.  A spot where your soul gives out a big sigh of relief and peace when you are in it.  Your body and mind can relax and take a moment of rest.  For me, it is our hollow.  I bet as I drive down our road leading into the hollow, my blood pressure goes down twenty measures.  The trees overhang the road, the chipmunks and squirrels greet me, and then the road opens up to these amazing hills filled with wonder!  For me this hollow has to be protected, because it protects me.  Your spot is probably the same way.  Your spot may be a comfy chair in your home, a spot under a tree at the park, or your kitchen table with a candle and a cup of coffee.  Wherever it is, it is yours to protect.  It has to be protected in order to allow you that safe and peaceful feeling.  Find your “hollow” this week.  And make an uprising to protect your “hollow”, in order that your soul can have peace in this busy and distracting world!

Hollow Uprising

Reaching for the leaf,

It was shriveled.

But its colors were vibrant,

And its stem was strong.


As I sat upon the edge of the pond,

I remembered this hollow.

Days ago it was vibrant.

And it was strong from the souls that inhabited it.


Now the colors are dull.

And the faces of the souls have changed.

Some have gone on to the valley beyond.

While others have returned for peace.


It is amazing how a place can set our souls.

A place that can provide comfort.

One that gives protection.

These hills and hollow always bring a satisfaction of peace.


The hollow stands for the people that searched for sanctity.

People who used the land wisely.

Providing food and shelter for their families.

Giving grace for their times of rest.


The trees held by the hills will again present life.

Their strong trunks will produce the greenest of greens.

And they will again show a magnificent array of colors.

All for the inhabitant’s delight.


But for now the hollow will bare its soul.

As the summer gives way to the fall.

And the fall to the winter.

We will see the hiding places of the animals and humans alike.


Once spring arrives our vibrancy will glow again.

And the hollow will feed us internally and externally.

The new ones will understand the ways here in the hollow.

They will also fight for its protection.


As I look at the leaf again.

Its strength seeps into me.

Putting the leaf down,

It once again had the color of life!


The hollow rises again!

To give peace, protection, and solace.

As long as we stand,

So shall the hollow!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray this week that joining me can be part of your “hollow uprising” experience.  I hope that I can provide some peace and relief for you.  May you “uprise” this week to protect your favorite spot.  And if you don’t have one, find one soon.  You cannot believe how it can improve your health and your spirit!  Rise up this week and reside in your “hollow”!







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